So How Do You Like Us Now, Matty?

Dunigan who bleeds green and gold did not sleep at all last night. The CFL's" best defence" got beaten up by the Ticats. Looks good on you Matty! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

May I remind you that he retired as a Ticat, so it's certainly not like he was against the Ticats. He was just favoring the Esks, like most people around the CFL.

Honestly... why do people make threads about something a TSN hired hand says? They're just the broadcaster; not god. Their word isn't sacred.

I found Matt's comments a little out of place and was glad to see Schultzy go after him on that. The Ticats have been slow to gain respect. Hopefully last nights game will change that somewhat. And truly, the only thing that will give us the respect we deserve is to take the Grey Cup. Hope the Cats will be ready to demolish the Als next week.

8) I find it comical that some of you people find fault with Dunnigan's comments regarding the TiCats, when that joker,
   Milt Stegall  constantly picks the TiCats apart and more or less says that they aren't that great !!

   Stegall is another big loser on the so called expert TSN panel !!

    Just goes to prove that you may have been a good player, but you are now out of touch with the teams in the CFL and
     exactly what is going on now , or you just don't want to admit to the truth !

      These so called experts are nothing but a joke, and that includes the play  by play guys who are not even watching the
       play, and state their own ideas about what just transpired, without even watching the replays !!!   Pathetic !!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

May I remind you that Dunigan had a cup of coffee in Hamilton. With less than one season, he was retired by a BC Lion hit in the east end of Ivor Wynne Stadium. Matty was beaten up by the TiCat defence in the 86 Grey Cup. I guess he still has those bruises. He played for the Esks, Lions, Bombers, Argos, Barracudas, TiCats, and was coach/GM in Calgary. You don't have to remind me, son. I remember . :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I notice that Jock-strap Slimie was on the panel last night. I wonder if he will avoid it on Thursday so he doesn't have to praise the beat-down his All Wets will be suffering? :wink: :roll: :oops:

It’s traumatizing for him every time he watches is defeat the Als.

I’m betting he won’t ever be able to say anything good about Hamilton until Montreal finds a way to beat us in the playoffs

Montreal is better than their record, they've scored more points than they've allowed, they should be 5-3 or at least 4-4.

If anything the I'd say TSN isn't giving enough credit to the rest of the East. They seem to think the Cats have already hosted and won the East Final and are just waiting to see who's coming from the west.

TO is still churning out weird wins, OTT is way improved this year and their record is showing it, MTL's record is way worse than their play.

The West on the other hand seems to be getting talked up because of the perception that its a tighter race and all of their games are meaningful (and possibly because the west has owned the east in... lets call it "interleague play" in the last few years.) This may just be a force of habit tho...

The Standings say otherwise


CAL 6-2
EDM 5-3
WPG 3-5
BC 3-5
SSK 0-8

HAM 6-2
TO 6-2
OTT 4-4
MTL 3-5