So how do you do a poll in here?

Okay silly question here but I wanted to post a new topic with a poll but can’t seem to find out where and how it’s done ? So help me out here . What am I missing ?

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It’s not a silly question at all. In my opinion, I thought these were easier to do before and the methodology is not intuitive, but please understand when I state the following that so much else has been improved and is far better.

Somebody I am sure will depict the following better.

  1. Click on what looks like a “settings” icon or gear. I liked those icons better when they were visible, for I don’t use the other ones that are visible, which are to the right of the emoji.

  2. Click on “Build Poll”

  3. Apparently now you simply type the question for the poll in the thread before inserting the poll instead of like before with the poll all in one step. It’s easy to forget to do this before posting the poll.