so.. how do we win this game

assuming we don’t have a qb with experience (or CJ) this Monday for our biggest game to date.

how do we right the ship and sink the Arhols? its a given the defence is going to have to lock it completely down but how do we score enough points?

Pull a Tonya Harding on Ricky Ray, and then have our defense out grind theirs, despite the fact our defense will without a doubt be on the field far more then theirs. Seriously though, Defense needs to spook the Argos early, and spook them often.

Really, it's the oddball touchdowns is the only way I see us winning this game, IE Special Teams run backs, Pick Sixes, Punt Blocks and Field goals from starting good field position. Without Gable's blocking talents (sorry Mossis, you can run but you can't block like CJ) and with Masoli who is far too prone to turnovers, the offense is a bit of a wash this week.

cant say I disagree with any of this. hoping for one or 2 pick 6's this week

This is Masoli's second chance!
Most backup QB's rarely get a first chance.(which he had and under performed)
His career is on the line, I think he will have a good game.
You would think that the offense is designed with his skill set in mind(pistol formation just for FG69)
Obviously he will have to make good decisions and minimize turnovers.
IMHO the defence has let this team down the last couple of games, unable to make stops or take untimely penalties at crucial times of the game!
At the beginning of the year I thought the defense was the most improved part of this team with the acquisitions of Butler, Simoni, Stewart, Laurent, and others.
Time for all of the defense them to step up!
If we can hang onto the ball and play great defence, the game is ours

how much rope do you think Masoli will get before the Cats pull him?

My guess is you'll see a 2 quarterback game plan with 2 distinct offensive sets for both Masoli & McGee ... Maybe even 3!

They'll gauge each's effectiveness & manage accordingly.

For us to win our defense will have to play the whole game like they played in the second half of last year's EDF.

seems to be Austins M.O.

hit 'em high hit em low

I agree with Grover most QB's get one shot and that's it, let's hope that Masoli can perform and pull out a victory.

It will definitely take a team effort to Win and beat the Argo's and the Cats must perform at a high level on all areas, offence, defence and special teams and eliminate the stupid penalties that cost the team, play smart football, you know it will be a heated game when these two teams play on Labour Day but instead of taking the penalty get the Argo's off their game and let them take the penalties, the rest will take care of itself, score early and get the Ti-Cat fans into the game, the Argo's need to play against a tough 13th man crowd like the Tiger-Cats with lots of noise.

Let's Eat The Argo's Raw on Labour Day!!

how big a factor positive or negative is having the bye week before this game

really a bad time to be playing the Arholes tbh … can we reschedule?

I feel it is a positive, it is not a bye week or time off for the coaching staff!
They have lots of film to go over to see both defensive and offensive weaknesses in the blows
The players come back from bangs and bruises.
New Uni's
New Stadium
New Locker Rooms
All positives

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 3m
The #Ticats are practicing at Tim Hortons Field on Wednesday. But it's closed to media and the public.

Plan B would be to pull a Warren Harding on Ricky Ray, but the CFL is still family entertainment. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


I foresee this being the way it unfolds. Masoli has to be better in his decisions and not throwing blindly into tight coverage. IF we can get a sustained pass rush on Ray, Ray has been throwing a lot of picks lately. We will need big plays on special teams to win this.

Oski Wee Wee,


How ever the QB situation works itself out, the rest of the team has to step up. This means making sure that, whomever is in at QB, all they have to do is manage the offence. They cannot be expected to carry the offence and make big plays on their own. The QB must be able to get the ball out and to the play-makers and it is the play-makers who must excel. Blocking, by backs and receivers down field will be especially important. I've seen great blocking by both in previous games. There will have to be sound blocking in spades for this game.

This also means not hurting the O by taking dumb penalties. First or second and 20 too many times and it will be "game over". First down plays nullified by penalties means the same result. Play smart, play hard, win the game.

This also means that the D must play a sound game as well. Defence MUST win the field position game. Penalties that turn over field position or make the game high scoring will not end well for the Cats. They have to play knowing that a 2 touchdown deficit is certain death. Get behind, lose the game.

This will be a very good test for this year's Ti-Cats. A "statement game" if you will. The team will have to control emotion and each player's own discipline will be a huge factor in determining whether this is a good team or a great team. They have to believe and act as if they are great, because a good team can not beat the Arghblows.

lets first find out where the games being played and then hope for a win

i feel it's a negative for the defence but positive for A Masoli lead offence but not overly positive.
Don't need the defence coming in rusty.

Nah. As a fan It's out of our hands sir. We may as well try talking x's and O's rather than complaining about stadium

How do we win this game?

We score more points than the Arblows.....simple!!