So how did YOUR free ticket giveaway go?

Hey Season ticket holders

Tell us how easy it was to give away those 10 extra tickets…did they all show up…anybody sign up from your guest list and who got the THANK YOU Jersey? Any friends make a solid commitment to coming again during the season

Checked in with the ticket people at the stadium around 3:00pm pre-game and they were kinda standing around coz there were no tickets ton sell.

Best pre-season event since maybe when Caretaker took over… Will have to check.

So please give us some feed back on the new idea

No I am not a member of the front office staff… Just wondering how things went over for future interest/sales for the gutsy move by the team.


SURE HOPE THE MODS LEAVE THIS AS A STAND-ALONE TOPIC… Think it has merit to be on its own rather than the Cat announcement topic listed elsewhere

Ticket give away went great! Was able to give all 10 away no problem, with everyone showing up.

And then signed up 6 friends for season tickets!!

I think it was a great idea by the marketing staff.

Hi Real

What section(s)

Great job!

What do you think the odds would have been for the sign ups without the "free appetizer"??


Are you kidding me? So far Ive had a great day. A billionaire even commented on one of my posts today (lord knows that aint every day) and this is the best news Ive heard all day!

6 sign ups? Damn man you should be getting to hang out with Dave Stala for the day!!!! Did you get 6 jerseys?

I think you get 6 replica jerseys for that.

This topic may be old news by now,. but just want to bump it to the top again

We have 5 Seasons seats between 2 accounts and gave away 18 tickets.
All showed up and 6 signed up,all endzone seats, we got 5 jerseys

thanks for posting, Kerrigan

here we have a chance for success stories, mainly getting people to the game, with no contributions from the always present on the site guys.

All talk no action?????

Maybe nothing positive to contribute??? Or no friends or acquaintances to give them to??? :roll: :roll: :roll:

PJAY :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I brought two families for there first game. We started by tailgaiting at Scott Park. They were not even in the Stadium and they were saying this is Awesome. One of the kids says to his father "WOW,they take this serious here.' LOL, There from Toronto.
They bought Ticats gear. The next day one of the mothers told me their child did not want to take of his Ticats jersey and wanted to wear it to bed and wore it to school the next day.

One of the kids wants to join minor football !

Both families could not believe how much fun they had and want to come back !!

The funny thing about it is i had just as much fun as those kids !! :thup:

Mods beware

I'm going to keep bumping this until there are 25 success stories.




PJAY :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Are THEY buying??? :wink:

Thanks for the post tc23

my dentist offered me a tickets for the game, but, at the time, I wasn't sure if I could go so I had to say no. It was a very generous gesture on his part and a tough decision for me.

Yes, I hear dentists are known to do that.. Bless them :lol:

I wish I would have know about the free tickets. Unfortunately my father in law recieves our tickets and he never lets me look at the mail! I could have easily found 10 friends to come!

My friend gave away 9 with ease, 1 guy bailed out last minute.I managed to get all 10.

I went into work, one of my co-workers said he'd take three, another one took another three, the other four I sent an email to the office and another guy picked up four for him and his kids. :thup:

As soon as I got the email, I sent a message to my sister asking if she wanted to go with her husband and two kids. Within a few minutes, I got a reply saying, "yes." I called the next day, and ordered 5, 4 for her family, and a 5th for my mom. It turned out that my mom had other plans that she had forgotten about, so there was an extra. I just figured my sister and her family would enjoy a bit of extra bum room, but just a few days before the game, they were at a birthday party for her nephew (on my bro-in-law's side of the family). Without even knowing that my sister had an extra ticket, he said that he'd never been to a TiCats game before but he'd really like to go to one some day. So the 5th ticket got used, and somebody got to go to their first ever TiCat game.

my giveaway, 16 tickets, went exceptionally well.
they went to folks in my building, in a different business unit, and most of them were ticat newbies. they got a group together in approximately four minutes. the team got the tix to me in a most timely manner.
they were hyperexcited to go, and all had a fabulous time. i think several families got turned on to ticat football.

Hi Hammer

I just read your post and saw the footer. I laughed out loud, very funny.