so how did you enjoy Ivor Wynne, Mr. Kelly?

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Mr.Kelly probably hated Ivor Wynne, cause according to CFL players, it's the worst stadium to play, mainly because the visiting locker rooms are stuck back in the 1950's.

Classy Ti-Cat fans throwing stuff at players...does this give Bomber fans free reign to chuck stuff at Quinton Porter and Co. when they walk into Winnipeg?

well it was retro week :smiley:

and personally, i'd have my visiting locker rooms look like crap too, you think they should be done up all nice and fancy so the opponents can have a good time? no.

I guess Hamilton's used that approach and applied it to the entire city huh? Now that's dedication to your team!

Go eat some perogies and swat a million mosquitos you frost bitten loser. We're getting a new stadium soon so they don't want to waste money where it isn't necessary on a stadium that's gunna be torn down. And we were bothering Kelly and crew because of the spygate incident. What'd we ever do to you besides win? And the ONE guy that threw a pepsi bottle at a player was drunk as hell and was immediately removed. A little fun with Kelly and the boys by yelling at em, fine, throwing stuff, I don't condone that. I think it was a Bomber fan like you that had the living snot beat out of him for running his mouth a few seats up from me. You guys really should watch what you say, this is meant to be a friendly place to discuss football, not egg each other's cities and fans. Let's keep it that way. What I said about the Mosquitos etc., was strictly a shot at blueandgold2k for dissing our city. Sorry boys, an eye for an eye.

I am from Hamilton, and that made me laugh!! You obviously have not been to Hamilton. Such a beautiful city with so much history and life!! Maybe you should come down here next game!

lol, you'll be thanking us for bringing a little passion back to the game for you. Sling all the mud you want, we like throwing it back. But never, ever make or take it personally. Hacking on teams, coaches, cities whatever, is all fair game here.

I'm not slinging mud at all, Im defending my city from a goof who still can't believe the Bombers lost. Can't just say "Ok Hamilton won, good game guys, now let's talk about Toronto this week." No. Instead he's gotta trash our stadium and our city because this throwing of a pepsi bottle got overhyped and a half. It was a guy who was SEVERELY DRUNK, HE GOT IMMEDIATELY REMOVED, AND NONE OF THE FANS INCLUDING ME, CONDONE HIS ACTIONS.

PS- Good luck against the Argo's, I hope you crush those bastards :rockin:

Thanks, and I know you are, but please read that last line of my previous post again and good luck against the Als, those guys are looking scary good.

True dat, but I think our boys can pull it off. The bombers are playing against a QB very similar to Burris whom you've already played and beat. Shabazz will be key, but also pressure from Perry couldn't hurt. Good luck, i'll be watching :twisted:

To be honest I've never been to Hamilton, I'm just going off a Doug Brown article he wrote last year...apparently for some reason he was rather bitter towards Hamilton then, don't know why cause we won the game in question.

Clearly you have never been here, sure there are the slums and not so nice parts! But there are also friggen GORGEOUS parts of Hamilton.

Every bigger city has its lesser nice Arie’s.If you have never been here please refrain from poking fun of a very historical and gorgeous city. Howcome we can’t have a good time poking fun of eachother with no DIRECT insults!

He was pissed because it took a $15 cab ride to get from their downtown hotel to the Keg.
I mean really, what kind of city doesn't have a Keg downtown? :roll:

Winnipeg and Hamilton are similar in that their reputations are worse than what the city actually is. I've been to Hamilton a few times to visit family. There are parts that are very nice (The hill, or mountain if you prefer) and some areas that aren't. Winnipeg has the Forks, Assinniboine Park, and the entire Tuxedo area.
I've been to every city that has a CFL team and this is how I would rank in terms of stuff to do and appearance:

  1. Vancouver
  2. Montreal
  3. Calgary
  4. Toronto
  5. Edmonton
    [b]6. Winnipeg
  6. Hamilton[/b]
  7. Regina
    Pretty much a tie. Winnipeg has more to do than Hamilton itself, but Hamilton is close to a lot of things (Niagara Falls, Toronto)

C'mon you guys, who really cares, let's get back to football.

I've been to all of those cities too, except Montreal, and some of them have ghettos the size of Winnipeg & Hamilton. The quality of life in some areas is a third world country. If you wanted to, you could rate them based on who has the least amount of filth and you would flip the list around.

Toronto would be dead last atm for least amount of filth :lol:
After all, they are up to their wastes in garbage now.

Perhaps you could move on to a different thread if you don't like what's being discussed on this one...

As a Bomber fan who went to college in Hamilton, I really believe both cities have reputations that are kind of unfair. The "mountain" area of Hamilton is great, and the downtown is decent, too. Really not as bad as many would make you believe. Hess Village is a gem; everyone who visits Hamilton should check it out. I loved my time in that city!
Likewise, Winnipeg is severely underrated, as well. Sure the downtown is kind of scary at night, but it's a great place to walk around during a weekend afternoon. The Forks always has things going on, and the place to visit in the Peg, as far as I'm concerned.
Both cities do have pretty crappy football facilities, though. Kind of a toss-up between CanadInns and Ivor Wynn over which is crappier. I do like the MTS Centre alot more than Copps, but that's just cuz it's newer. Our baseball park is freakin' place to watch live sports in Winnipeg, hands-down!

or perhaps people could read the title of the post again ?

If you want to trash cities, take it to the off topic forum, that is why it is there.