So, how are we all feeling?

It's after midnight, so this is officially Grey Cup Day! How are you feeling about the big game?

I'm not asking for a prediction, just what's going on in your gut.

e.g. So excited I can't wait / So nervous I can't sleep / Loving every minute of this week / Relaxed because I didn't really expect us to get this far / Saying an extra prayer in church on Sunday / So proud of our team for what they've achieved / etc.

(Several of these apply to me)

Can't wait, So Proud, Let's Go Get Em and Eat The Stamps RAW TIGER-CATS!!!!!!! pukin' :expressionless:

Confident of a WIN.

I'm with Ti-Guy, my stomach is churning and I'm nervous. I see all the talk about how dominant the Stumps are in every category except one. They choke in the big game. I feel we have a chance to do what the Leos did in 2011. I have my fingers crossed that we have a good start and continue to gain confidence as we go along and rack up the points early and often. I'm so proud of how they did not succumb to the adversity of the last few seasons and have go to the GC both years. Now we need to win it.

I' m with the "Stomach churning" group.
So I added some strong black coffee ,that really helped :roll:

Always have pre game ready to snap mode ,so please don' t push my button or I bark,doing well this morning in the pre game.
Could they they start the game SOON??

Thats why I love going to the game with the other Football fanatics.......

I am confident, very confident!
We have an awesome team. Offence, Defence and Special Teams
Austin is a winner
Collaros is a winner
We are 8 and 2 leading into this game, the last 4 wins in a row, all playoff style must wins
We were here last Grey Cup, These guys will NOT let this one get away.
OSKEE WEE WEE!!!!!!!!!

Drew Edwards ? @scratchingpost
#Ticats DC Orlondo Steinauer has defence in the stands. Each player seems to be speaking. Motivation.

So fricken nervous!!!

On this morning of Grey Cup Sunday, I am nervous as well. Much different from last year, when I was just relieved to see this team actually in this game for the first time in over a decade. Actually, for me, nervousness was setting in last night as I was still disappointed with what happened in the Vanier Cup game. I don't want to be disappointed after another championship game.

Here's what Breaux tweeted an hour ago:

Up and blessed this morning with another day to be great..well prepared, focused and humble for the opportunities that lies ahead..#Ticats
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Good points. This team has been much better this second half, and should be capable of getting that win. Cornish was kept from getting that far in the 100th Grey Cup and that's what hopefully will be done in this 102nd Grey Cup as well.

This team is capable of getting that win, and we'll see if they do get it.

My Alma Mater, Mac, let me down big time when they folded up in the 4th quarter and allowed Montreal to get back into the game and win the Vanier Cup.
The Ticats have done the same thing this year but you know what? They won't do that in this Grey Cup battle. I expect them to get off to a lead and increase it as the game progresses. How? By following their coaches instructions to a tee and maintaining that discipline throughout the game. No stupid penalties!

Go Cats Go!

JJJJuuussstt tttooo tttensse tttooo tttyype.


The chili is on the stove and the countdown is on!

I'm feeling confident - It's going to be a close one but we can do it!

Go Cats!!!

feeling just fine after eating a robust breakfast.

BTW, blueberry and Xanax pancakes isn't as bad as I had thought...if you like crunchy pancakes that is...

There's a game today?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Get to Mitchell early and make him know he's in a football game, if we can get to him early, hard and often. But the Stamps might come out handing off to Cornish a lot and a lot of quick flare outs, screens, dump passes. We'll see.

My gut feeling is our special teams and defence will do what they have the last few games get it done , I think the Stamps are a over confident bunch who are going to get smoked , our team has done it the hard way, Guelph, Mac and they were at the show last year , injuries etc we have taken a harder road to get here we have more character and heart and we want it more :rockin: :thup: :rockin: :thup:

Feeling anxious and also a little vexed as I have to go into work. Good news is I have 52 TV's to watch the game while I am working :thup:

I'm calm, relaxed, ready for us to take care of business today! :thup: