So how about the awesome Canada Day celebration?

So we have a home game on Canada Day and the Ticat organization does absolutely nothing to mark the occasion. I can’t help but think that this is a sign of a bigger disconnect. No singer or band for any National Anthem, no halftime events. Aside from the advertising giveaways, there is nothing to engage the crowd. Opps pardon me, there is always “ Sweet Caroline”!


But, the team kept their Canada Day record rolling.
The Tiger-Cats are the only current CFL team to have never won a game on the holiday. Now 0-5.


I thought it was kind of cool seeing the whole crowd singing the anthem, actually better than some painful versions of anthems I've heard in the past.


Well at least we're consistent .

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Agree ... but that doesn't (IMO) excuse not "marking the Day" in at least some respect

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My favourite is a fly-by with some fighter jets, few things in life give me that awestruck feeling. And for the record I've seen some great versions of anthems too. I watched Cher sing the anthem at a Super Bowl game years ago, & it blew me away, sending shivers up & down my spine. I obviously still remember it to this day.


The team is not having anthem singers this season. Probably ran out of singers.

I'm sure they could dig up that lounge singer from Los Vegas who butchered the Canadian National Anthem at the Los Vegas Posse game back in the '90s. He'd work cheap.

Since there are no games on April 1st, that would be for a Halloween game presumably

If they had to pony up for anthem singers then in order to pay them they would have to charge an extra couple of bucks for a hot dog and a beer at the game . :hotdog: :beer: :dizzy_face:

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There's been times when the F-18 flyover was the best part of the game. :smile:


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Cher!!! Thanks for the memory, no one can belt it out with power & control like her. I wonder what she could do with our anthem?

And so now I’m watching the Argo/Bomber game and they sing the Star Spangled Banner in honour of Independence Day. Ya, there’s bigger things going on.