So here's my question about the Hamilton/Calgary game...

When you have a punter that has consistently punted the ball crazy distances all game, why in the world would you not get him to punt it as far as he can & angled to go out of bounds in the end zone near the line?

That would have given them the point they needed to go into overtime.

I've seen this year in and year out in this league, where coaches seem to forget that they can get a point by punting it through the end zone. It's sad.

ya, i was wondering about that 2, but i guess Deangelis felt as though he could kick a 59 yarder

The Field goal can get you the win or the single ! It's not quite that easy, to just angle a 70 yard punt to the corner of the endzone. Cgy would have just ran or kicked the ball back out ! The bigger question is why did Reynolds run out of bounds on 1st down on Cgy's last drive ?

sure, but a field goal is a lot harder to kick a far distance than a punt, i'm thinking.

I think they made the right call, that's a lot of pressure to put on a punter and Calgary likely would have stacked the endzone and either ran it or kicked it out.

Your also standing another 8 yards deeper with a punt ! It would be a 67 yard punt , just to the goalline ! Even with the wind he may have hit it 75 yards at the most . It would be a easy to get it out ! CGY would probably have at least three guys in the endzone . So rolling it out of bounds what very tough to do ! Sandro can make it from 59, CGY guy made a great block !

After doing some research of a game I vaguely remembered, I've found something else,

On September 22, 2006, in a game featuring the Eskimos hosting the Tiger-Cats, Edmonton was down by three with maybe a few seconds on the clock. Ricky ray completed an 11-yard pass to Robert LeBlanc who proceeded to PUNT the ball (or maybe drop kick - I forget) into the endzone for a point (I think the purpose was to have an Eskimo player recover the ball). I would have liked to have seen a play similar to this by Hamilton rather than have an also-risky 59-yard field goal attempt.

Similar to what Toronto did on Friday night. Although that was a punt. Still got them a point

Our punter here didn't have a hope in hell of getting it through the end zone, crappy man DeAngelis was our only hope I'm afraid and right now the kicking game in Hamilton will cost us games to the point, I believe, we won't be contenders to make the playoffs.

Our kicking game is bruuuuuuuuuuutal. No wonder Calgary didn't want to sign Sandro, he's not very good. Anymore.

I made a post on what I thought of his shoddy performance today.

While possible, they could have done a short pass and had someone punt the ball into the endzone. Anyone who is behind the ball when it is kicked is onside so theoretically they could recover the ball for a touchdown. Always easier said then done.