So...has anyone checked out the Esks' forum?

It reminds me alot of these forums in past seasons, blaming the refs for losing, things of that nature. Worth a good laugh. :lol:

The Sambo42 Revision Room must be hopping. LMAO

? Fill me in!

Oh and heres a great post I found while browsing their forums (yeah im that bored)

"Nevermind what we've done in previous seasons against Hamilton, it's irrelevant.

It's what we're going to do today against the Cats...and something tells me that they're going to be scraping their carcasses off the middle of the road, as the kitties are going to get their sorry arses run over by the Esks today!"

Wow.. either the Esks sucked or the refs handed us the game.. no love for the cats at


Any team that still believes Jason Maas is a QB, or Danny the Chooch is a GM, is doomed. We proved it tonight, in the dark and the rain. Eskimos are only good when we send them our best players, so that they can get a freebie Grey Cup.

SCEvan, check out Sambo42's prediction about the Cats that HalfTheDistance uses as his sig. :wink: He has since backed off that, BIG TIME. :wink:

Re Sambo42

Look no further than my sig for clarification!

:lol: Has he responded?

Yea.. on the forums... he changed it to he thinks we'll get 7-11 wins now

Wow… as much as I try to steer them to the fact that the better team won, they just keep blaming the refs, the O coordinator, the rain, the umbrellas, the moon getting in their eyes… EVERY excuse in the book I guess

So nice of you to sign up to the site for a day and throw in your meaningless 2 cents.
Just some of the welcoming love they have for me over there, they are soooo nice I tell ya!!

The hospitality ended with the Glenn-to-Stegall TD for 100 yards in '06. LOL That was kind of a reminder that the sun does not revolve around the Igloo. :wink:

It is quite funny the lengths they will go to, to blame EVERYONE else in one thread and then SHRED the Eskimo players in another to get their points's epic reading to say the least... I'm having fun stirring the pot.....lmao