So hard to bite my tongue

Trying hard not to comment any more till they supposedly finish their changes, but has anyone tried to use the stats on Not www1.cfl, but just www.CFL.

Holy cow, I hope its still considered a work in progress. Why cant they just do it like the big boys do. grrr

alright. let me ammend that to has anybody tried using the big stats button at the right, as opposed to the smaller drop down stats from the bar???

Either way, I wish they would do it more like NHL does. I really like their stats, not to many many others who do it better as well.

Name one thing on here that hasn't been done better somewhere else.

This site sets the low bar for user-friendliness.

Sorry that title is held by S.A.P.

Wait, though, they're still making "improvements" here.

Say what you like about the NFL, and NFL fantasy, those sites kick.