So happy I didn't attend tonight!!


I second that, Im happy I stayed home.

I tuned in tonight to see a football game... still looking.
Isn't there a law against public defecation?

When you can randomly pull 40 guys from the stands and do just as well (against the other guy's 3rd string QB), it's time for a change.

When an offensive series is considered a success because you got to punt it away rather than fumble, it's time for a change.

When you would have been further ahead statistically after one quarter (-10 net yards... :lol: ) if you had stayed in the locker room, it's time for a change.

Maybe the TiCats could play the rest of their home games in Ottawa this year, and give the Hamilton fans a break!

I am going to skip the Labour Day game for the first time in a long time!

I can't take the embarassment any more....

Never went either. Actually went to Erie PA on weekend with wife and 9 year old daughter to do some shopping. Never even put up a fight. Never thought I would shop over a Cat game.....

that my folks should say it all....

not even sure the score or anything other than obvious poor display....

just got out of the theatre watching a Hilary Duff movie and said to the girls lets guess the score.....pretty much static over the girl predicted 40 to 0 for Sask. (nice confidence) and she thought she heard 41 - 4....

never thought spending money to watch a teeny bop movie was better value for the buck than going to watch a game....

i'm done for the year. I'll try and give my tickets away :lol: "Try" key word.

Personally I think Joe Pao Pao (nice guy) is cursed.

I think Pao Pao (who cares) isnt cursed, i think he just is a terrible offensive co-ordinator. Last year in ottawa he sucked and this year isnt any different. And this oline coach is about as useful as a bag of balls. When it was announced thye both were signed this offseason, i was a bit iffy.