so, for whatever its worth

I note that in grey cup appearances, toronto has the best win ratio and sask has a most embarrasing worst win ratio. tsk tsk :twisted:

(i actually had this pic chambered for something else, but this is also appropriate)


Based on what stats?

you count em. Number of times in the cup vs number of times won.

I should say thats just the argos for toronto.

I see you got your latest edition of Trivial Pursuit and that was one of the answers to the question.

Ewwwwww Paolo X --! I cannot unsee that!

Definitely Trivial Pursuit and slow off-season day fodder's Family Guy's take on the subject matter of this thread as well: [url=] ... re=related[/url]

trivial pursuit, yuck

I just googled past grey cup winners cause I couldn't remember something, and came across this

Appearances Team Wins Losses Win ratio
23 Winnipeg 'Pegs / Blue Bombers 10 13 .435
22 Edmonton Eskimos 13 9 .591
21 Toronto Argonauts 15 6 .714
18 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 8 10 .444
17 Montreal Alouettes 6 11 .353
17 Regina / Saskatchewan Roughriders 3 14 .176
12 Calgary Stampeders 6 6 .500
9 BC Lions 5 4 .556

Reminds me of a moniker "Endless vat of useless knowledge"

That is an atrocious record the Riders have... :o

...I invite you to brush up on your history and read this short thread on a few of those Rider losses:


hmm, just wondering, are you just adding info, or do you have a specific point to make regarding this topic???

Someone stole the fine image of the nose-picking man for this topic?

Maybe this topic is not slim pickin's after all. (bah-dum-bum - CHING)

ever notice when you go to the hamilton website they claim 15 grey cups?

HAD you taken the time to actually READ you would have found......

The Tiger-Cats and their predecessors the Tiger, Wildcats and Alerts have been crowned Grey Cup Champions 15 times since the inception of the trophy in 1909.
Since 1950 when the Tigers and Wildcats were amalgamated into one club, the Tiger-Cats have won eight Grey Cups title on 18 trips to the big game. Their most recent Grey Cup triumph came in 1999, when they defeated Calgary 32-21 at B.C. Place in Vancouver.

Check Mate!

Not worth much, really.

My guess is, that were the numbers to be reversed, it would be worth very much indeed.

At least the Saskatchewan team made it to the GC those years. They were still the best team in the west each and every year they went. Sounds like sour grapes to me.