so far

2 for 2 splits.

Sask was odds on fav to sweep.

Will we get 4 splits?

That would mean almost nothing settled after 2 weeks.

I hate back to backs grrrrrr

I would be interesting if the East went four for four this week, especially after last week when West fans were talking about western superiority again. Wonder if they serve crow instead of turkey out there. :lol:

That said, I think BC will win on Monday.

I dunno. BC won last week because Palardy missed a field goal.

I like Calgary's chances better.

But Winnipeg is starting Brink at QB...

thats only good for BC if we can use Jyles

Like Chief, I like BC because of Brink. First starts are notoriously hard for a QB. Tho, in his favour, the Lions have no film on him. I still don't even understand why Brink is starting. Jyles has not been the problem in Winnipeg.

The reason I don't like Calgary is because the Als have to be PO'd after last week. They were flat out embarrassed by the Stamps. This one is in Montreal and the Als are going to be pumped. Cahoon is likely to break the receptions record (not that this matters), and I think Montreal wants to show the rest of the league that they are still the alpha dog. I can't see Calgary escaping la belle province with a win.