So far, who is your 2005's best surprise?

Each year, we see some new players establish themselves as the game's top. One third into the season, who would you say is the 2005's best surprise? (Don't name a player who has always been a star... it's no surprise when a star shines!)

In my book, I have to go with Argonaut Andre Talbot. This guy is making a lot of Cahoon-like catches, grabbing balls in heavy traffick, with one hand, while jumping, and he always seems to hold on to the ball even when violently tackled.

I gotta say I really enjoy watching him play. I just think he wears the wrong uniform!

Who is your pick?

Sandro DeAngelis. This guy's shown the ability to turn some heads. He's not in a position that's flashy, like a quarterback or a receiver, but he's able to get his job done.

Turd, I like your pick. But I will go with Rashad Jeanty....he's piling up the sacks and he's a beast on that Eskimo D-Line. That's why they got rid of another beast...Rahim Abdullah.

Good Thread Third!

Wow, So many surprises this year. Jeanty has been a force. How about the Winnipeg Punter? (I think John Ryan is his name. I'm having an alzheimer moment) DeAngeelis has been Mr. Accurate. And What about The Ottawa team? The Renegades have been a surprise, because after the free agents they lost, I figured they would be in the basement.

Anthony Collier sure deserves to be mentionned too... and Korey Banks...

I know we're not supposed to mention stars, but do you think it's appropriate to give Allen a nod here? I mean, I know he's been a star in the past, but I think considering his age it's surprising he's playing at all, let alone playing as well as he has been this year. His 'star' status should have burned out some time ago, and yet this old fart keeps going. . .and for all of you who will jump on me for saying that 42 is old, I mean old when taken in the context of a professional football career! :wink:

Jon Ryan has been a big surprise. All the posters who posted the other guys that have been a big surprise so far, them for sure. Talbot has been pretty scary. Especially when I watched him really for the first time when he played agaisnt the Bombers. A Cahoon for sure. I think Gavin Walls has been huge with us. Also, Fells and Fields. Alot of talent, and I'm sure we will see more.

nik lewis

Ricky Ray! Welcome back to Edmonton Ricky! I am a huge Maas fan, but Ray makes the Esks a whole lot better!

Tony Tompkins is running away with this. Each week he has a HUGE kickoff/punt return. I didn't expect anything from him at the start of the season because I thought Keyou Craver would get most of the duties, but Tompkins has done it all and has been HUGE for the Eskimos.

Rookie of the year.

Tee Martin!!!!.....NOT!......I like the Andre Talbot pick, another guy I would go with is Brett Ralph, or even Tony Tompkins.

I love Nik Lewis as a wideout, but he is no real suprise this season. He would of been my pick for the 2004 season.

I'm going to say Russ Michna (because alot of people were already picked). This guy has proved to me and most Bomber fans that he could be a great starter. Too bad Daly doesn't think so. And who was the last CFL punter that was able to kick like Ryan?

I like the Trio in Calgary, Brett Ralph, Joffrey Reynolds and Sandro.

So far the feel good story and surprise of the year and especially what everyone was predicting and the loss(bailing out?)of their own free agent players, is Ottawa. Should same continue and right now let's hope so, if the team makes the playoffs, I would say Coach Paopao is the coach of the year.

alot of surprises...i'll go with one per team:

BC-Paris Jackson
EDM-Steven Marsh
CAL-Sandro DeAngelis
SSK-Corey Holmes
WPG-Wes Lysack
HAM-Barrenechea and Cox
TOR-Andre Talbot
OTT-Joseph, Banks, Collier, and Murphy
MTL-Kerry Watkins

Wpg - Willie Fields, leading the team with 4 picks. The martini bar owner can still play.

My biggest surprise is the BC Cheerleaders have vastly improved this year. Last year I could hear them howling at the moon. Big Improvement…

Oh, you mean football!

I forgot from my earlier post to add, Joffrey Reynolds Calgary, Paris Jackson BC All pleasant surprises