so far, who is a keeper for next year

We are now 6-7 and Im wondering from who we have on the roster, who do we keep and who do you think should go and what needs to be improved to make us a better team next year.

So far this is my take on this.

Wide receivers to keep: Arland Bruce (needs to be signed to a multi year contract)
Prechae Rodriguez
Marquay McDaniel
Airese Currie
Dave Stala
As for the other receivers, Bauman, Grant, Carter and james i could take them or leave them. They havent really had a huge impact on this team. We could use some improvement and find some more impact receivers. I would like to try David Ball and see what he can do still.

Our Offensive line is solid and i wouldnt really get rid of anyone in that department.

As for Nick Setta, i would look into finding another kicker to help setta next year rather then just relying on him. There has been some field goals that should have been a walk in the park that Setta has totally missed. Hopefully we can try that new kicker Jeremy Ito and hopefully we can give him a try sometime.

I think our running backs are solid with DeAndra Cobb and Terry Caulley. I think we could trade or just get rid of Kenton Keith next year. He hasnt been a factor for us and hes a waste of money that could be used somewhere else. Our fullbacks havent been used that much this year and none of them have really made a huge impact so trading any of them wouldnt really bother me.

I think we have a pretty good Quarterback situation. Quinton Porter will improve even more next year with having a full year basically as a starter. Kevin Glenn is a good backup and is possibly a keeper for next year not unless we can trade for someone else on another team to help out Porter. Having these two as a duo is fine with me though. They both bring something different and having them for another year and familiar with one another will make us stronger.

As for our defence, I think were almost rock solid there. Our linebackers Johnson, Floyd and Knowlton are outstanding. Dennis Haley is really good also. If Barrenchea comes back next year, he will be a good backup for these linebackers also. Ray Mariuz is not too bad but if we traded him next year it wouldnt bother me that much...along with our other backup linebackers.

As for our defensive line, the keepers for next year include Long, Adams, McIntyre, Hickman and Kirk.
Bolden, Murphy and Reid are ok but not as good as the other 5 in my opinion. We can look to replace them next year and see if we could get some better defensive ends or defensive tackles to make our team stronger.

In the backfield, I think Jykine Bradley, Geoff Tisdale and Chris Thompson are really good. Bo Smith and Lawrence Gordon are not too bad also. I like Barker and Beveridge also. We could look at getting another cornerback and defensive back next year but i wouldnt make much of a change next year with these guys.

Mainly, i think keeping most of this team intact and having them more familiar with one another will make us even stronger next year. I think the problems the last few years of getting rid of so many people and making so many changes really hurt us. We have been rebuilding and I think we have a good team and there is not really a huge weakness that i see on this team.

what does everyone else think??


The only players I say we shouldn't keep are:

Lawrence Gordon DB
Nick Setta K/P (gunna take ALOT of heat for this one i bet, but this is strictly opinion based.)
Drisan James WR
Kenton Keith RB
Willie Quinnie WR

Probably be a few more releases as well as trades/drafts in the off-season, very unpredictable.

So far None of them your only good as your last game .....So alot can happen between now and the end of our season ..Still plenty of time to evaluate Heart's and Talent . Now comes the microscope ...

Currie has to go and I would keep carter around.

I like Setta the person, alot, but he need's to pick it up or we have to look around.

I would like to see James given a shot in a few games. (receiver) I just have a feeling about him. He did seem to get open. I think that's harder to teach getting open than catching and hanging on???

I don't expect much from PR, maybe he look's different live at the staduim.

I really was impressed by Caulley ... if he is healthy.. if not move on.

Kenton Keith... really had high hopes, but another year older I think we need to move on..

I would have no problem keeping the rest... :thup:

Season post mortems already? This thread belongs on the bummer or blue team board.

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$10.00 Ticket's that a good one to start ...

Seasonal post mortems?

I think not!

Management has got to be thinking on these lines, too, why shouldn't fans?

Anyways, Currie is gone, a bunch of fresh beef on the DLine, a replacement/challenge to Kicker Setta is in house, and yes, KK is probably "done" as an RB, when heeling takes this long, and import running backs are so terribly available at much discounted salary levels (witness Cobb), there are better ways to invest your cash, even if KK had some fine years with the Riders...

Speaking of whom, have two terrifying rush ends in Baggs and Chick, that the Cats missed out on in scouting. I an sure we would trade our first bornes or mothers for either one (figuratively speaking), and Edmonton just reached out and picked up that little monster on the DLine (whose name I forget) that used to play in height, but a beast in the interior!

Yes, any team can be improved, and the Tabbies can be improved, even admitting that mid season switching leaves holes for other teams to exploit during games.

But knock a key player out (noticeably AC, over in Montreal) and cause the team to work with an untried backup, and tat team might not run quite so smoothly!

Beat the Bombers tommorow, and we have a shot at winning the East. Win the East, and in the Grey Cup game, anything can happen.

Win a Grey Cup, and your guys can start believing in themselves and create a "tradition"

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the Als have clinched the east already.

the players that I would say are keepers are markeith knowlton JJ, caulley and mcintyre