so far none of players taken in the draft.

So far Mid 6th Round No Tigercats last year Draft Picks
Taken in the NFL Draft.

How many rounds total are there in the NFL draft?

I hope we hear sometime on Monday or Tuesday that Gagne-Marcoux, Dyakowski and Reid and possibly Mike Roberts (a DB we selected last year who isn't getting a lot of press attention) have all been signed to 2007 training camp contracts by Hamilton.

Also, do you know if any other CFL team's draft choices from last year were taken in this weekend's NFL draft?

The 2007 NFL Draft is now complete. None of the players selected by CFL teams in the 2006 Canadian Draft were drafted yesterday or today.

Defensive tackle J.P. Bekasiak was not chosen in the NFL Draft.

The next step is to see whether any of these players are signed as free agents by NFL teams over the next few days. One would imagine that Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins will also be contacting Bekasiak, Gagne-Marcoux, Dyakowski, Reid and Roberts if he has not already done so.

No CFL draft choices were taken in the NFL draft. Some will probably sign free agent contract.

Florida QB Chris Leake 5'11 210 wasn't taken in the draft. I thought he was on the Ticats neg list. They should go hard after him as I think IMO he could develop into a good starter in the CFL.

I'd love to see him in Steeltown. He would certainly bring a championship-mentality.

Is there a Limted to what we can Bring to Camp

Chris Leak has signed with the Chicago Bears

75 + draft picks

Drew Tate, the Iowa Hawkeyes QB is another that could be a good pick up. He was outstanding in his junior year but his senior year wasn't as great. It wouldn't hurt to atleast give him a chance. He reminds me of a Jeff Garcia type of QB. Great arm strength, good accurcy, and pretty quick.