So excited for the season!!!

I dont know about all of you guys but I am seriously missing some ticats football and am really ready for it to start. I was even at a Toronto FC game last night and after a few pops (ok alot) started chanting oskie wi wi and argos suck and to my surprise we got hundreds of fans to join us it was awsome. Anyways I loved the draft and lets play some football!!

Couldn’t agree more I saw the Ticats billboard driving in to work this morning I realized it’s that time of year. Let’s hope it’s our year.

Yes! I am truly excite also. Let's get some positive hype going. I think this has been a fantastic offseason. This is the year when the Cats take their reign as the beast of the east, once again!

I admire the enthusiasm.......

Good Luck to the Cats!!

I've been dieing to see some football!

I am Cautiously Optimistic
Still Have Some Holes IMO DT and WR.
We need more Americans to fill these spots.

The 2008 season looks promising so far. I hope the team's good fortunes continue on the playing field.

Why is there someone always trying to ruin the party? The people who have replied to the post don't mention any negatives and then someone throws one in. I think we already have many threads about the holes and problems but come on, training camp is a month away and I am happy than a pig know what I mean!

Let's keep this a positive thread. We all know where the Cats have to improve and doesn't need to be brought up to bring everyone's mood down.

Yes I am a realistic, but the little kid inside of me is jumping for joy that the season is almost here. I am very excited. I can't wait to see how well we perform!

Absolutely, there is no where I would ever rather be than sitting in my seat, the sun on my face and a beer in my hand. It's frustrating when the Cats are loosing, but truly, is there a better place to be?

Which draft did you like - the CFL, or the one you drank too much of?....
The Eagle :oops: :oops: :oops:

well at the FC game it was carlsburg so no not that draft just the ticats draft.