So Edmonton fans, do you have bell? No? then you are out!

if You don't have bell TV, you will not be able to watch the next football game the Esks play..

as the Game is on TSN2 and we all know that whoever has Shaw and not Bell.. won't get to watch it!

I'd show your displeasure if I were you to TSN and to Shaw!

Ignoring the troll, is anyone else a little ticked? If we were playing Hamilton or Toronto, I wouldn't care. But you know this game against Montreal is going to be a good one.

Guess I'll have to settle for watching it on

Let's hope the CFL and TSN can avoid this in future seasons.

Edmonton fans can watch on RDS.

To be honest, I'm not completely sure what RDS is, or if I even get it. :lol:

I don't appreciate that comment Chief. I was making a legitimate post here.

I am sure Boston Pizza would be showing the game.

RDS isn't free.. it's a charge to get that channel!

im sure if it was a Toronto team it would be on TSN!

What is TSN showing that it had to move the game to TSN2?


In Edmonton, RDS is channel 905 on Shaw, there is a $2.49/mo charge. (If you are a digital subsriber, you can call, add the channel, and then call again later in the day or the next day and remove it. You DON'T have to keep the channel for a month.) I don't even know for sure if RDS will be showing it. Maybe contacting RDS would be a good idea.

Its probably a good thing you guys didn't have to watch that... :lol:

Réseau Des Sports or RDS is the French version of TSN

They broadcast all the Als games

I wish I could take those 2.5 hours of my life back . I think the TSN turning point was the opening Kick-off.

I thought it was a good game :stuck_out_tongue:

You can bet, the Esks will remember this the next time they meet at Commonwealth.

That explains it. :lol: I'll tell ya, I'm no longer upset TSN didn't show it. I think they did Eskimo fans a favour. :lol: