So, does this make us the 14th man?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Is it too soon?

I wonder if pilsner will come out with a 'riders dozen' lol

Hey if it's the same price as a regular dozen I'm all for it.

i think the timing is good am starting to look at all the postives now

me too maybe just a limited edition case or something

I guess we couldn’t argue it being a baker’s dozen?

Nah, it isn’t too soon…

lol, it’s be a good excuse to have one while paying for the other twelve at the till.

All jokes aside, does anyone else think that the Riders will get rid of thier "13th man" ad campaign because of this?

I doubt it ^
I dont want them to either

I guess my question was answered. Jim Hopson said in the Leader Post today that they would not change the ad campaign. I say good for them, put this behind them and focus on getting back to the Grey Cup in '10.


It's already starting to make infamous sports blunders lists.

Why don't we all get shirts that say 'The Fourteenth Man'? I think it would be too funny.