So does anyone here think the Earth is flat?

I have been watching a few youtube videos by people who thing the Earth is flat.

These people are unbelievable
They say show me a picture of a round earth and when they see one....its fake!
No knowledge of science or physics whatsoever

It would not surprise me that there are some such people here.

There are quite a few who buy some of the trendy conspiracy theories, wouldn't shock me to find out that they are also flat earthers. . .

That's what made me wonder about it

I guess some people also believe dinosaurs were planted on earth and earth is only around 5000 years old.

I saw a video with a woman trying to prove that dinosaurs are a hoax

I watch a few professor Dave videos on YouTube that uses science and allot of common sense to debunk the flat earth theories. Pokes fun at them along the way, very entertaining.

Another good debunker is SciMan Dan

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Nope! I paid attention in science class. I went to an astronomy class in university. There were a few flatties in that class and moon hoax believers.

My former prof set the record straight on the flat Earth theory by filming a glass of water splashed on a dish in slow motion showing a drop of water in circular orb indicating the forces of gravity playing a part in the formation of bodies.

Then he took the Moon hoax believers to the local observatory to prove that the Moon landing was real when he pointed a strong laser towards the moon which was reflected by laser reflectors that are use to measure the distance. This can only be done if Man did land on the Moon. My prof took exception to the hoax theory because he use to work for NASA, and not as a contracted employee.

You could see the wind of their beliefs go the way side. It was funny to see it happen

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Yeah that is one thing flat earthers love to claim, that water does not curve and it always finds its own level!

Ok look at a lever you will see water curve around the air bubble

That is one hole in their theory. Where does the water go if the world is flat? They need to get out of the Dark Ages

One would think an airplane is proof enough...

But for those who wish to believe

You are confusing Meniscus with curve... they are not the same thing...

Some think its held in place by Antarctica which they claim is a giant wall of ice that surrounds the the edge of the disc that is the earth

Apparently it is guarded by a joint world task force and no-one is allowed there

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It's only flat on one side. Over by Tonga Tonga.

At least that is (generally) religious in nature ... attempting to reconcile intense faith in various, long-established religions with physical/scientific evidence ... not aware of any "legit" religion that advocates a flat earth ... there may be a "religion" built around it but not quite the same thing (IMO)

We do have an accepted margin of error of 50 million years
Doesn't seem like much until you consider that is longer than we have existed on the planet for :slight_smile: