So does anybody else suddenly have a football field as a backdrop?

Just wondering here but about 15 minutes ago I was in the middle of posting when my screen suddenly went from my chosen colour of dark to basic white . When I went into adjust It it came back dark once again but with a football field now as a backdrop .

I will help you (before griddy shows up) :rofl:
You clicked on Football dark instead of Basic Dark bobo
(It’s at the very bottom of that side bar thingy)
Mine was white this morning too

And BOOM !!! There it is . Thanks Grov :grinning: much appreciated . I honestly thought that it was griddy doing some more of her mad experiments in her laboratory . :smile:

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Mine has defaulted back to basic white a couple times in the last couple of weeks.

i’ve had to update the themes this morning so when i switch whatever one you are using, it may default to another one. if that happens, just switch back using the theme switcher at the bottom of the sidebar menu. just trying to get the existing theme components updated before games :slight_smile:

no more functional interface changes like new sidebars and stuff, so nothing should look different than yesterday (lol). themes will remain the same but you may need to reload the forum.

themes are just color and background changers.