So do you Schonert

Schonert then admitted the obvious: Both Cato and Bridge are pro athletes. Rookies or not, they’re paid to produce. And there’s no sugar-coating that.

“They have to learn. This is their job. This is what they’re paid to do. They have to step up and handle some of the difficult things,? Schonert bluntly stated.

One game into the season, two Quarterbacks taken out, no commitment to running the ball and plays that take an eternity to develop...

Si Crompton s'était donné la peine de lancer le ballon à ses receveurs démarqués, le regard qu'on porterait sur cette attaque serait probablement différent. On peut en dire de même des quelques blocs ratés par Sutton.

D'autre part, avec de jeunes quarts, il est certain que le jeu au sol va prendre plus d'importance. Je ne crucifierais pas Schonert maintenant.

You said it. Schonert is paid to draw up and implement a productive offense. Regardless of how Bridge or Cato does, they can't control the plays being sent into the huddle. If he doesn't mix in the short passing game and the run to complement all those intermediate and deep routes, we won't have a chance against Calgary.

From Herb's most recent article:

Perhaps you noticed the number of long – and unsuccessful – passes Montreal attempted last week. This was not by design, offensive co-ordinator Turk Schonert explained. Schonert calls the plays, which the quarterback are supposed to have relayed to them through a sound-system in their helmets. But on at least four occasions against Ottawa, the players heard the wrong number called, meaning they called the wrong play.

Indeed, on the play on which LeFevour was injured, there was miscommunication between him and Schonert. Coincidence? We’ll never know.

Hope they got that fixed.. last thing the rookies need to have happen to them.

Well, that's not exactly reassuring. We can't even get the plays sent in properly through the helmet? Either that's CYA from Schonert or proof of his incompetence.

Seems to be doing ok tonight about that. People can learn.

But I sure wish Richie Hall would learn from you guys' defensive staff. He's a washed up defensive coordinator and I wish we'd fire him here in Winnipeg.

He may not have the horses to run the kind of D he wants to. With the Als, it’s not just Thorpe. There is playmaking talent all over that defensive unit: Bowman, Cash, Woods, Cox, Brown, Parker, and some really good young kids (Knapton, White, Klassen).

Avec la tenue de l'attaque contre les Stampeders, je suis disposé à croire que Schonert est capable de devenir un bon coordonnateur à l'attaque.

Il a apporté de bons changements cette semaine et son plan de match offensif pour cette partie était excellent. La sélection de jeux était bonne, il n'a pas préparé une attaque trop compliquée pour faciliter le travail de son jeune quart, il lui a permis de s'installer dans une relative zone de confort assez tôt dans la partie en commandant des jeux qui reposaient plus sur ses receveurs que sur Cato, et il a bien géré le cadran.

Schonert semble avoir appris beaucoup de choses en une semaine seulement et la qualité du jeu de Cato montre qu'il est également un bon entraîneur de quarts. Certes, il semble que Cato soit plutôt doué, mais il n'aurait pas pu accomplir ce qu'il a fait avec... disons... ouf... c'est difficile... Mike Miller comme entraîneur des quarts. (il fait chaud, tout d'un coup!)

ARG, how could you mention THAT name, LeStaf?? :oops: He's the Ted White of our ex-coaches. :lol:

Schonert made me very nervous after the Ott. game. But have to say he did an excellent job game planning and handling Rakeem. Probably easier though to handle a Dream than a nightmare.

Not sure what this means, but AC was at field level rather than in spotters box like 1st game. And Tanner Marsh was in the spotters booth (rather than Crompton).

And Schonert was on the sidelines, which I think you want in this day and age (to my knowledge no CFL OC these days is in the spotter’s booth). Yeah, you get a better view of the action in the spotter’s booth, but you can’t adjust as quickly to things you see transpiring on the field. I think with a young QB, you want the OC and the ex-QB (Calvillo) on the sidelines for mentoring and support as much as for Xs and Os.

I haven't really noticed this season. . . but I seem to recall that Marcel B in Winnipeg was in the spotter's booth last season.

And Cortez who I always remember on the sidelines was in the booth yesterday.

Would like to see Chapdelaine giving his hand signals from the spotter`s booth!

Je vais me reclure le temps d'expier mon péché. Compte tenu de son ampleur, ça pourrait être long. :oops:

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Herb saying it was Schonert’s decision to start Cato, leaving me, once again, to wonder what exactly Tom Higgins is being paid to do these days, apart from unsuccessful in-game challenges…

Clearly, he's delegating...

Higgins should delegate his own arse out the door! So long Ned :roll:

If he keeps his fingers out of all three phases and lets the coordinators run their shops then I can happily see him staying as the talking head who deals with the media. It will get messy if/when they dump Higgins. Pick one of the three coordinators and the Als likely lose at least one if not both of the other two. Pick an outsider and he will likely want his own guys.

Higgins est le chef d'équipe. Il coordonne et supervise le travail des coordonnateurs, dirige les réunions de l'équipe football et fait figure officielle auprès des média.

Je crois que Higgins ne sera plus à la barre des Alouettes l'an prochain, à moins d'une Coupe Grey.

I have never been a fan of Higgins, but he seems to be a calming influence over the team. Players seem to like him and more importantly Mr. Wetenhall does. If there was any hint of dissent in the dressing room you know Herb would be on it like white on rice.

So barring a disastrous record I can see Higgins being here for the next little while.