So! Do we have to give them back to the Gades?

If Ottawa gets back in the league next year, do we have to give back all the players we got in the dispursal draft or will we be able to protect a number of players?

no we have another dispersal draft protect so many and leave some unprotected for them to pick from :wink:

....correct, the way I understand it to work is each team will be able to protect a certain number of players, say four or five, then Ottawa gets to pick from each of the eight teams, then each team protects another four or five, and Ottawa picks and so on until all rosters have been exhausted....

im not sure but do you protect 1 QB? or does it matter who u protect? :?

.......there is no preset rules on who you protect, just who you feel is the most important........

.....say on my team, you protect Reynolds, Lewis, Burris, Clark and Grace.......that leaves the likes of McNeil, White, Maxie, Abdullah, Coe, Thurmon, Rambo etc open for pick.....then you protect four more and so on and so on...

i think we should let hamilton in on this draft because we need some help :cry:

if BC gets printers back, then they protect printers and ottawa gets DD...hmmmm

What? That's so stupid. So you mean..

The Eskimos could protect Tucker, Ray, Davis, and Hervey and they could pick Mobley?

I think that's stupid. I think they should be able to pick from backup players on teams. Not starters.

It should be up to there scouting and the Canadian college draft.

So when that happens they get another crappy team, and Ottawa once again sits in the bottom, and we go through all this crap again in 4 years. Give them some good players and make this a healthy league.

Is there any record of the Gades' first expansion draft?

It has to be more than just 4 or 5 guys that a team can protect. looking at it this way the als would protect calvillo, cahoon, edwards, duval, watkins and chiu.

The riders would protect joseph, armstead, dominguez, hunt, and nate davis.

Meaning flory and makowski are both available, shultz, anwar stewart, strickland, anderson and fantusz.

Im thinking its more along hte lines of 10 or so players that arent protected because 4 or 5 that are protected is a joke and teams will get raped especially on the defensive side of the ball.

This is jsut an example using two teams

Its unfair ot the teams that worked hard to build their teams together and they would get decimated by a protect only 5 players draft

I am pretty sure its a gradual thing, as the draft goes on the teams are allowed to protect more guys. otherwise the gades would get 40 starters.

k after thinking about it..wouldnt they just do it the same way as they did it the LAST time ottawa came back, however that was?

it maybe the same way some of you guys are saying, but i really think thats garbage..if you lock up 5 guys, there are plenty of stars left on each team that played a huge role in the teams success the year before (except hamilton) and then they just get plucked away..i say who needs ottawa, they would only last 3 or 4 years understanding is this is pretty much how it works, but you missed one important thing mada.....after you have protected your first five and left the rest of your team open for pillaging, the Gades would only be able to select one player from each team during that first round, then the teams would protect five more players for round two and the Gades would then get to pick from the remaining players and so on and so on until all eight team's rosters have been the Gades would end up with eight pretty decent players in round one, eight not bad players in round two, eight average players in round three and it woudl drop off pretty sharply talent-wise from there....

...and by this logic the Gades would automatically be the worst team in the league destined to win no more than one or two games per year until such time that the team folds again due to fan apathy.....If the Gades re-emerge they need to do so as a bona-fide contender but in the lower echelon of talent.....they will need to claw their way up the respect ladder but the league needs to be able to say to a sceptical fan base 'look, you have some stars on this team, now go and support them'.....a team of backups and practice roster players would crash and burn in their first season.... thing everyone has over-looked is the fact this new Ottawa team requires coaches as well as players....depending on the finish for a lot of clubs i can see a lot of movement in the coaching ranks....there will probably be a few surprise applications for the jobs in the re-newed franchise...IF it happens :roll:

good point papa and that is probably more essential to the health of the new franchise than deciding on players.

So if I understand this correctly, first round, you protect 5 players on your roster. Second round, you protect a total of 10 players on your roster, and so on? That's pretty fair, considering the players that came to each team with the dispersal draft. The Gades should have at least a chance to get some of their former players back.

And I think that we should get the five top-rated former Renegades that everyone else is enjoying this year!!!

You’re all jumping the gun.

The League and BOG have not decided on a format for any draft this time around.

You’re basing it all on what happened with Renegades’s initial draft.

This time around, the owners on expansion committee have made it clear that for new team to be successful, they are going to have to be able to select quality players, esp Canadians.

It is virtually a lock that no player taken in this year’s past draft will be obligated to return to Ottawa. Some might choose to be exposed in new draft.

And yes, getting right coaching staff for a new team is going to be just as important.

But they will pick someone who can build a team and who will be there for long term. That rules out Matthews and Buono. My guess is that they’ll go after Greg Marshall – the Wpg one.