So did Jon Ryan get the record?

I know he was very close to getting the record for average yards per punt in a single season. And now that it has been confirmed that he is injured and will not play on the last game of the Bomber season vs. Calgary, his average at this point will be his final average. Anybody know if he got it?

It really sucks for him. He had a huge punt wiped out because a player smashed into his ankle. This got the bombers the ball back but then they went two and out and his next kick went for only 15 yards or something. That would blow if that one re-punt cost him the record.

Dont know about records but who's punting for you guys tomorrow?

Troy Westwood I assume.

Whats the weather doing??

I have a feeling he took the game off just to make sure he gets the record. Holy s*** though, its amazing how he can punt the ball so far and consistently. Unless he has some more years left on his contract, I think he'll be lost to the NFL next season.

Yeah, we had some NFL scouts at our last home game who said that he looked great. They did say though, that the one problem is that he gets the ball off a little slowly for NFL standards.

Ryan not really really for the NFL yet, he only knows how to kick the long ball and not the other ways to kick the football which in the NFL you must know how to do all the ways of kicking, or so I've been told.

Fair enough, his skills are worth more here in the CFL than they ever could be in the NFL since the single places more on the kicking game. At least in this league you can score on Punts as well as FGs.

KK whats this that we read how the Bombers have put the $1M guy on their neg list for next year. Is Troy toast?

I would hope not, Troys a great kicker, bad player, but a great kicker.

No CFL team is going to sign this $1M guy, remember he missed the frist three kicks form the 20, 30, and 40 yard line. He's going to keep his day job for sure. I bet the Bombers did that as a joke, nothing more.

i know the NFL is a grat game and all,but i hope we don’t lose Ryan to the NFL.We allready lose enough graet players to them!

To actually answer the question: (from CBC)

Punter Jon Ryan, averaging a CFL-best 50.6 yards per punt, is unlikely to play due to an ankle injury. That means veteran kicker Troy Westwood will add the punting chores to his job description. Ryan's absence means he will set a CFL record with his punting average, which eclipses the mark of 50.2 yards set by Lui Passaglia in 1983.