So did anyone watch the latest Chiefs/Chargers game?

Never before saw a QB have enough of a rib injury that he had give up on a play because he couldnt run the 2 yards need for 1st down on 3rd down, and not even be able to make a short pass because of the way he would have had to throw. Then, on 4th down, he stays in and throw a perfect long pass followed by a TD pass.

That Herbert is some kind of QB/player.

But for a miss communication between QB and Reciever, Chargers most likely would have won. One misstep results in a 14 pt difference on a single play resulting in a 3 point loss.


Herbert was selfish. Staley should've taken him out of the game because he was clearly injured. Staley should've given the ball to Daniels. So does Jimmy G go to down to LA now that Herbert has a rib injury? Staley should ran the ball more to not put Herbert to be hit in passing plays

Clearly there was not enough faith in Daniels.

Staley has no faith, For me, I'd take my chances with a healthy QB than a injured one like Herbert. And I'd sprinkle more run plays into the mix

Now Staley might have to turn to Daniels when Herbert injured his ribs

Oh yeah! Chiefs are 2-0. :+1:

I saw an interesting breakdown of what happened JUST BEFORE that fateful play on TSN.

The exhausted Tight End whose pattern was jumped tried to come off the field by raising his hand... only the coaches missed his signal. Gassed but still forced to stay in he ran a terrible route. An old man (that's me) could've done better. Herbert's pass was on target but his Tight End was woefully out of position.

Herbert is weak and overrated as a QB. The x-ray results of his "injury" came back negative. Can't run for a few yards for a first down, but can throw a dart for a TD late in the game

Why are you anti Herbert when the rest of the NFL world is so high on him and he has done so well

I'm disappointed in Herbert. Herbert's a .500 QB. Staley is also to blame with the garbage play calling and the broadcast was hyping him as a offence genius. They both blew the lead.

"Don't believe the Hype"- Public Enemy

how do you come to say that he is a .500 qb??

Never won a playoff game.. Never won any awards. The idol worship ain't there for me

well, he is just starting he career. Idol worship is a bit extreme, dontcha think?

Go listen to CBS Over Night. There was a announcer talking like Herbert was HOF bound.. It's not justified. Herbert still lost

Herbert did not lose. Both QBs had 69% completion. Herbert had 100 more yards.

Herbert passed for 1 more td. Herbert had a great game with the only blight being that pic 6 which was the receivers fault.

As he has played so far, it is not unrealistic to think of him as a future hall of fame contender. Of course he has to continue to play as well as he has

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Football is a bottom line business of winning or losing, Herbert and the Chargers lost. Mahomes and the Chiefs were beatable in that game, the Chargers failed in getting the job done.

If QBS are to be the highest paid position in the league, they must be prepared to take the criticism of losing

Herbert is only in his third season with a sub par Chargers team.

The coach cost the Chargers a playoff spot last year with that he made in the last game of the previous season.

Mahomes and Burrow both took their team to the Superbowl within their third year. Herbert just comes up short being elite