So, Danny Shivers

hows that giving up holmes to get joesph working for ya so far??? :twisted:

Probably the most idiotic move a GM could make. Marcus Crandell isn’t that much worse than Joseph, if he is worse at all.

Not very WELLLL

looked good on paper but in reality

FLOP (hard)

Um, I didn't think your offense looked that bad. I expected a more "running game attack". Your defense gave up a lot of points.

You guys it's only one game... I dont care what anybody says, its not time to panic like a bunch of morons... It is going to take time for the offense to click, thats common sense (well i thought it was common, apparently not though judging from everyone's comments) The Riders will be Fine. Quit worrying...

ya just dont give up the best and most exciting player from last yr to get a small improvement at QB? At his best, Joseph is no flutie, or dunigan etc. I wouldnt trade Holmes for R Williams.

Its idiots like you that make good players not want to stay. This is not the offence that they would have run if they weren't down 14 points on 2 drives. There would be alot more balance. Joseph did not look that bad, its just Dickenson and their receivers were made to look amazing by our poor defensive scheme. He had two 241 yards and 2 touchdowns which is better than Maas did in his debut. He was inches away from hitting Armstead twice, and Richardson dropped a touchdown so don't blame Joseph

Clowns. Wait and see.

Just wait for Dickenson to blow out his knee in week 3 again this year and the Lions will be headed towards the basement. Its definatly not time to hit the panic button yet, its one game for christ sake.

What an idiotic post.

i have to agree with bigj, you can’t run when your playing catchup right out of the gate and secondly once KJ gets some more chemestry with his recivers i’m sure hell look ALOT better


I agree, i didnt say that they should have traded corey holmes away - he is a great guy, both on and off the field. THe times i talked to him he was just a great guy. The Riders gave many of the fans what they wanted unfortunately, one of those "elite" QBs. Its just that many of them didnt want to pay the price for it...

Does that not seem to happen every year?

I would be a little cautious(sp?) about putting Joseph in the elite category. I would love for him to do that well, but time is ticking, he is not young, and I think he will fall short.

First game of the season. Our Defense let us down big time but it’s not time to pass judgement on the management yet. Wait until the middle of the season for that. Then you can hash them like we do every other year. :roll:

hahaha, crandell as good as joseph?! give me a break...sure joseph didnt look stellar in his first game with a NEW offense...but at least he can connect on passes that are over 10 yards...crandell shouldnt even be the #2 guy, rocky should be...crandell is junk.

I believe KJ is a bigger improvement than 90% of people want to admit. Marcus Crandall is a great back-up QB. He also is a solid leader, and he does have the Grey CUp MVP trophy, there are very few people who have one of those...

People won't admit how much of an improvement KJ is at QB until he wins us a Grey Cup. The backup QB has always been the most popular player in Riderville. (remember Kevin Mason and Steve Sarkisian)

And Rockey Butler???????

Give Joseph a chance!