So Dan Hawkins huh?


Has the experience been "awesome" yet?

Are you guys working on the little things yet?

trying to stay even-keel?

not getting too low or too high?

Lots of good Hawkisms out there, here is a good one from edsbs: ... f-the-day/

As an avid fan of the last place Dan Hawkins coached I wish you all luck, he is a really nice guy, well meaning, just not an X&O's kind of coach. You'll win a couple of games you shouldn't with him every year, you'll think things are getting better and then games like last week will happen. I see he now owns the record in the CFL for a largest come-from-ahead loss. Here is the game thread from when he earned that record in the NCAA:

[url=] ... ame-thread[/url]

That is the game that ultimately got him fired from Colorado.

We didn't even need him to be an Xs and Os guy. We just needed him to put in the work understanding the Canadian game, and to know how to run an efficient practice. So far he's failed at both. On top of that, he's as arrogant and dismissive to reporters as if our team were 4-0 and challenging for the Cup. Not a winning combination up here. The league is littered with the careers of American coaches who thought they could just waltz up north and collect a nice paycheque because you know, "football is football." :wink:

If it makes you feel any better he was just as arrogant, annoying, and inept down here.

Fair is fair: You send us Dan Hawkins, and we reciprocate with Patrick Roy.

that would be a good cross message board bet, who is the worse coach?

I agree with all the comments. Hawkins comes across as arrogant. I would love to have some of our local coaches sit down with him and show him not only how to run a an offense but how to run a efficient practice. I don't see a work ethic from this guy. He is basically a moron who doesn't see it..which is the worst kind of moron.

At least Roy has a Stanley Cup ring or two to his credit. Believe he may have a couple stuck in his ears. :wink:

He's here for a "good time" not a "long time"

I don't deny he was an outstanding player, he just doesn't have enough judgement to coach. Sending junior to punch out the other teams goalie is testimony to his recklessness.

Actually, it makes me feel worse, because that means our GM goofed big-time despite ample evidence that Hawkins wasn't the right hire. :wink:

Dang. I can't believe I missed Maciocia at today's practice. He must have showed up after I left.

If rds had actually shown up they would have drooled with glee.