So Cobourne is starting...

And if not, is someone going to write a formal apology to Cobb? :cowboy:

Only two players remain from the line that Cobb played behind: Marwan Hage and Peter Dyakowski. Simeon Rottier, Jason Jimenez, Belton Johnson, Dan Goodspeed, Alex Gauthier, Cedric Gagne-Marcoux and George Hudson are all gone. Don't know if you can blame the line for Cobb's inability to find a hole.

I caution everyone from having too high expectations with respect to Avon dressing & starting tomorrow night. It does take some time for a RB & QB & OL to gel & really get on the same page under game conditions. Let's remember #22 has not taken a hand-off from #1 in a game setting nor has he run behind this particular group of hoggies. That being said, Burris & Cobourne are consummate professionals & should come together better than most. I hope things work out but I'm not expecting a PoTW type performance by any means.

Still hope they utilize Stephenson @ RB here & there with more than a few touches cause the kid has earned it with his play thus far. I like the set-up of him in the tailback position along with Darcy Brown @ TE. Nice power formation. Better yet, use both #24 & #0 @ tight end & ram the ball down the Als gullet then release in play action to run away from LB's and over top of DB's! (That felt like an exclamation point!!!)

Anything to keep the ball out of Cavillo's hand & give our defense a fighting chance.

Why is everybody all over Cobb?
2 seasons here....1100+ yds and 5.2 yd avg, and 1200+ yds and 5.6 yd avg....both superior to Cobourne's 900 and 4.8 yd avg last season, and the TC's had better records both years...

I know....I know....Cobb rushed for 1200 "easy yards'...while Cobourne's 900 were "tough" yards.....The question begs then, not why do Cobb and Walker supposedly have trouble with the tough yards, but why does Cobourne have trouble with the easy yards?

Maybe with Walker, the team is in second and short more often because he is gaining an extra yard or two on first down....and, I don't buy into this "Walker can't get the short first down" fact, can't really think of an example....

Don't get me wrong, I like Cobourne and hope he does well tomorrow. But....the fact remains, the team is weaker without their league leading RB tomorrow, and needed 2 guys to replace him......time to start recognizing his talent and stop with the unfounded criticisms (that's not intended for Blogskee, because he appreciates Walker....but for the others who for some reason don't want to accept what we've got!)

Cobb was a decent player, but he never got better. He was as good in his first game as he was in his last (some might even argue he was better at first). If you noticed, his numbers regressed in his second season, both rushing and receiving. Makes me think teams figured out how to play him and he couldn't adjust. Probably why he is now out of the league.

You don't seem to be understanding what "tough yards" actually means. It doesn't mean the opposite is "easy yards" like you are saying. Cobourne can't get the big chunks of yards like Cobb did and Walker does because he's not as fast as them. They are built differently and play the game differently. It doesn't make one better or worse than the other (though Cobourne's style has gotten him two rings), but not every player is cut from the same cloth.

It's hard to come up with examples off the top of my head, but I do remember in the Calgary game where the team need three yards on second down and Walker got one. I'm sure if I went back and watched every game I could come up with more.

This I can agree with. The team is not as good with just Cobourne in there. I think anyone who would say otherwise hasn't really been paying attention. Walker may have some holes in his game, but he makes up for it with his home run potential. He's really not all that different than Chris Williams. Williams drops a lot of passes, but you put up with it because at any moment he can take a punt back 70 yards for a TD or a missed field goal back 115 yards for a TD or a pass 80 yards for a TD. The team will not be as explosive without Walker in their tomorrow, but I hope that they still find a way to get the win and I hope Cobourne plays well enough that Cortez realizes that playing both will make the team better.

Maybe....just maybe....Cobourne has lost a step or two, and that is why he hasn`t been playing.....he has been great and was up there at the top of the league a couple of years ago with Reynolds, Robertson, Reid, Cobb, Cates....ummmm....never mind...

Reynolds, Robertson, Reid, Cobb, Cates ... Exactly!

Dynamics of professional football have changed both north & south of the border. RB's are like ink jet printers. It costs more for the cartridges so you might as well buy a new printer! (Once again I love my exclamation marks!)

If you don't have the top percentile running back, which are few and far between, it's not worth allocating cap space to a top decile RB when the difference in performance to pay favours going cheap, riding them hard and putting away wet! This is not CFL specific. Just look at the NFL. Add the ratio into that dynamic and you will get why Reynolds, Robertson, Reid, Cobb, Cates ... And up until Martel tore his Achilles ... Cobourne ... Are The Expendibles!

So, how did this work out for us again?

Cobourne 8 carries for 50 yards. Take away his one 37 yard rush & he's 7 carries for 13 yards. Not exactly "effective at picking up tough yards". Since Walker & Cobourne have had pretty much the same kind of result, it should be clear that the issue is the o-line, not the back. I say this at the risk of being "overly simplistic", of course. :roll:

Oh, and Cobourne's leadership skills? Didn't really do much for us, did they? Regardless, I don't see why he can't be a leader even if he's not starting. If that means the starters tune him out, he's likely not much of a leader to begin with.

Blogskee, your posts are normally well thought out, but it should be obvious that the issue with this team is that they're losing the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, not who the starting RB is.

Avon has to start at RB. Chevy would make a very fast WR, him and Chris would terrorize the opposition. Avon's power and blocking ability cannot be denied.

Cobourne has started one game and the team lost. Walker has started seven games and the team lost four of those. I'd say it worked about about the same.

I have been told time and again by Walker's fans that you can't take away the big plays any more than you can take away small plays. Also, you left out the 44 receiving yards and one touchdown. I'd say Cobourne, with 94 total yards on 13 touches, had a decent day.

Condescend with you eye-roll emoticon if you must, but I actually agree with you. This was the game that was going to tell everyone if the problems were Walker's inability to pick up tough yards or if the offensive line just wasn't opening holes. Well, we got that answer last night.

If you watched TSN's pregame show, you would have heard people praising Cobourne for how he has handled his role so far this season. One game does not define whether a player is a leader or not.

Walker will continue to be the Hamilton starting running back once he is healthy. They also have Terry Grant who may be coming off the 9 game IR and after how well Rutley did on KO returns something that he specialized in College where does that leave Cobourne.
I always wondered why both Cobourne and Walker were not dressed as a 1-2 punch but now I know. I did not realize that he refused to play special teams.
If Walkers injury is just minor and Grant is 100% along with the ability of newcomer rutley to return kicks and with Cobourne refusinf to play special teams Cobournes days and 150k salary may be numbered in Hamilton.
Cortez used Walker back to return kicks but was not overly excited about his return abilities.
If Cobourne will not play special teams he basically is useless to Hamilton if Walker is in the line up as almost everyone plays some special teams. Cobourne would have to remain inactive every game leaving the Cats with only one Tailback on the 42 game day roster for the rest of the season.
Giguere was able to hang around the NFL on the edge due to his ability to return KO and if Rutley can continue to return KO then he and Giguere will make the KO return team sa dangerous as Williams and the punt return. Well maybe not as dangerous but certainly a big plus to have two good KO returners and I am sure that Rutley will have no problems being the desiganted import and play all the specials.

It has been rumored that Toronto would be much interested i Cobourne if he became available as he knows the offense and was extremely productive in it not that long back and Kackert will play special teams if they decide to go with both he and Coubourne.
The next couple of weeks will be very interesting if Walker is able to come back healthy and Grant off the 9 game IR along with Rutley being a KO specialist I can not see them needing or wanting to keep Cobourne