So Cobourne is starting...

So, Cobourne is getting a start against his old team the Als Thursday. Will he rack up the yards? Or will he run his mouth off for 3 hours straight? The CFL needs to chart stats on trash talking! Avon would be the CFL all time trash talkin' leader :expressionless:

If most of the players had his passion and enthusiasm then this forum would be dead. Nobody would have anything to complain about with all the wins we would be getting.

And don't forget his will to win. He talks a lot, but all he wants to do is win. He is the ultimate team player and would sacrifice his own stats if it meant getting a ring at the end of the season. It is really hard not to like a player like Cobourne.

Other changes this week:

Rutley added as back-up RB & KR, Fantuz is back, Fournier activated, Campbell was earlier returned to the PR, Walker and Hage to Injured.

Rose is back. Davis is still one of the 46. O'Neill at C, Husband starting and Baillargeon dressing as the back-up. The DB line-up is as they actually started last week --34, 5, 26, 6, 31.

I'm excited to see Avon play. I can't imagine how hard he's going to run, considering obvious factors that don't even really need to be mentioned. Sometimes it's good to have a player that talks trash throughout the game, it can light a fire under your own teammates if they come out flat. Seemed to work for Otis Floyd and our defense for two years.

Might just be me but it looks like Chevy has a mouth on him too. I think it was the game against the Blew team where I noticed he was chatting a lot after the play with his opponents. However I am sure trash talking is one thing Cobourne can claim he is better at than Chevy :lol:

I am excited to see Cobourne too. I am going to miss Chevy's versatility in the passing game but I have all the confidence in both our backs to get the job done.

Will Hank number one show up in Mont, or Hank number two. :roll:

Wrong thread? This has nothing to do with Cobourne starting :cowboy:

I like Cobourne. I like Walker too.

It's kind of disturbing that so many people see Walker as the biggest problem this team has, judging from the nonstop posts about wanting Cobourne to start. :roll:

Cobourne is the biggest boost you can give a struggling Oline. Walker is a deer.

Maybe if we were inserting Barry Sanders into the starting lineup.

The biggest boost this O-Line could get right now is some new personal and they need to re-energize and remember they are just playing football, instead of beating themselves up or overcomplicating things. Husband is starting this week at guard and O'Neil has slid over to centre to take Hage's spot so hopefully these minor changes accompanied with Cobourne running like tomorrow is his last shot at the pros (which for all we know it could be...) can get our running game going. However I don't expect a drastic improvement.

You're being way to simplistic in your criticism. It has nothing to do with people being upset with Walker or thinking he's "the biggest problem the team has." Wanting both Cobourne and Walker to play has more to do with wanting a more diverse and effective offense. No offense to Walker, but he has shown to be ineffective at picking up the yards on those important 2nd-and-three plays. Cobourne thrives on getting his nose dirty. Use them both and the offense can sustain more drives and score more points while giving the defense more rest. Having a Cobourne-Walker 1-2 punch would be a boon to the team.

Hmmm...I disagree. The reason why both Walker & Cobourne aren't playing at the same time is because Cobourne won't play special teams. I'm not sure what kind of "boost" will be provided by a rb who's getting the salary he's getting, but who still refuses to play specials.

From Drew's blog of Aug. 20:

• I think rookie running back Brandon Rutley will also be added to the active roster, likely to fill Walker's spot on kick return. This will undoubtedly start a new round of "why don't the Ticats dress both Walker and Avon" once Walker gets healthy. The reason, once again: because Avon doesn't play specials and wouldn't play enough
In any case, when this doesn't produce a favourable result, I'll be interested in seeing the posts that follow. :wink:

Cobourne not playing special teams has nothing to do with his effectiveness as a running back any more than Andy Fantuz not playing special teams has anything to do with his effectiveness as a receiver. And what other running back plays special teams? How would you use Cobourne on special teams? He's not a returner, so would you have him on the coverage unit? Also, nowhere has it been said that Cobourne is refusing to play special teams, just that he doesn't play special teams.

The "boost" is that the team will be able to sustain more drives (which I already explained). There have been times when the team picks up seven or eight yards on first down and they hand the ball to Walker on second down and he gets stuffed. That rarely happens to Cobourne. The team needs a player like Cobourne to get the tough yards up the middle that Walker has not shown the ability to get so far. This is not a knock on Walker, but just an acknowledgement that Walker's game is not the same as Cobourne's and that Cobourne can do things that Walker cannot (and the reverse is true as well, which is why I would play both).

And why are you expecting this to fail? What will the posts be like if Cobourne goes out there and picks up 98 yards on 15 carries and 37 yards on six catches?


Those posts will, I'm sure, be full of a several variations of "I told you so!" But, many should be of surprise, based on the facts that, in his last 10 games played, he never once ran for 98 or more yards and only once had a combined yards-from-scrimmage total that matched your suggested 135. That was the E.S.F. when he topped that total by 10 yds. and missed your 98 yd. rushing mark by just a yard.

To save the searching, here are his stats for the most recent 10 games he played (carries/yds, catches/yds, total yds. from scrimmage):

E.F. @ WPG -- 9/28, 4/39, 67
E.S.F. @ MTL -- 14/97, 5/48, 145
Nov. 3 @ TOR -- didn't play
Oct. 29 @ SSK -- 8/33, 5/24, 57
Oct. 22 vs.BC -- 14/61, 4/39, 100
Oct. 16 @ MTL -- 9/36, 6/60, 96
Oct. 7 vs. WPG -- 8/43, 2/19, 62
Oct. 1 @ TOR -- 12/53, 3/40, 93
Sept. 25 vs. CAL -- 15/84, 4/36, 120
Sept. 16 vs. EDM -- 6/28, 3/11, 39
Sept. 11 @ MTL -- 5/2, 1/3, 5

10-Game Averages per Game -- 13/46, 4/32, 78

I'm not saying Cobourne will get those stats, but just that I like to take a glass half full approach in regards to his potential tomorrow night. What I expect from him is about 60-70 yards on the ground and maybe 25-35 in the air. If he can get that and pick up first downs on some of those second-and-short situations, I will be happy with his output. Again, I must stress, I'm not saying that Cobourne should play and Walker should sit. I want to see them both play because I think that gives the Cats the best chance to win.

Is he starting on Offence or Defense? I think the D needs him more.

Well, he did play linebacker in 2007... :smiley:

With the game being so pass oriented and consequentially relatively less emphasis on the running game, I would say that teams would prefer to excel at consistently gaining 3-4 yds to convert "2 and shorts" as compared to ripping single big yardage run plays.

Now, if a team can excel at both, then all the better.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Cobourne's play tomorrow. It should tell us whether the problems that the Cats have been experiencing with run plays (particularly those 3-4 yd gains when they really need them) are attributed to the RB or the O-line.

If it bears out that it's RB related, then all the more support to what Blogskee has been saying i.e. find a way to get both Cobourne and Walker see action in each of the remaining games.