So Close Now

Im pretty sure the Lions wipe their arse with sandpaper, they are invincible after all according to RLR :wink:

Those who continuously bring up the past have no legitimate argument for anything going on in the present........

Even if BC wins the next game there's still no argument of BC being the better team as the series is split....ergo there is currently nothing to say that the Lions are a greater team than the Bombers.

P.S 1 Point.

Lions are still the team to beat in the CFL. Defending 2006 Grey Cup Champions. Everyone's gunning for us, Winnipeg included.

Hope to meet you guys in Toronto.

I think we'll be meeting the Stamps in the Big Game.


You're entitled to your opinion. I disagree with you.

I see no reason why the Lions shouldn't make the Grey Cup this year.

And we see no reason why Winnipeg shouldn't be able to beat them in the Grey Cup! :wink:

i hope to see BC with a healthy pierce or DD in the cup, it will make for a very good game...

If we make it to the Grey Cup without DD and Pierce, I think we can win it with whomoever we start at QB. The thing about this Lions team is that they seem to really gel and come together when times are tough.

See here bomber fans have to realize the west coast mentality. nothing exists outside of lotus land. It does not matter that the bombers and other CFL teams have won more cups the the lions. It does not matter that the Lions have not "owned" the Bombers over the last few seasons. By simply winning the cup last year it is assumes by naive BCer the the lions are some sort of Dynasty. this is very typical of west coast thinking. it must be nurtured like a unruly delusional teenager, you must take pity on a part of the country that attracts those that cant make it every where else and somehow believe that mild winters means paradise.

#1 ranked city in the world, #1 team in the CFL. Don’t think we need your pity, but thanks anyways. Enjoy your gorgeous city of Winnipeg and your wonderful Bombers.

well, after this week, RLR ill admit that BC is the number one team in the CFL. congrats

ranked #1 large city ...most of which are dung heaps.

Actually RLR I quite like vancouver. Lots of good friends their and its beauty is undeniable. Always was irrated at the arrogance though which I used to think as reserved for Toronto.

Lions have also created a solid organization ...Bobby Ackles is a quality football man so no surprise from me at their recent success.

It would be nice if you could tone down the rah rah stuff and realize that there are good organizations across this league and great places to live who where not considered in the best place poll because of population. I can give the opposition their due try doing the same and you might not have to spend tedious amount of time defending yourself.

I could go on with this but it serves not real purpose. Ultimatley we are CFL fans and that is cool with me . Good luck the rest of the way and look forward to seeing your Lions (my oldest sons, who was born in BC. favorite team, he is pumped for the game) in Winnipeg on Friday.

Thanks good luck to you too. Should be a dandy.

It's too bad the Lions and Canucks are playing on Friday. I have tickets to the Canucks opener so I'll have to tape the Lions game.

A pre - Grey Cup matchup. Bombers are the class of the East.

That's not saying much :wink:

...could be right sport.....although i'm looking for a little more stability from the Bombers...a good game against your Lions would go a long way in showing what the Bombers have as a team...Cup is still awhile away ....but if everything goes right ....this definetly could be a preview..... :wink:

Actually in an early April post, I predicted the Bombers would challenge Montreal for first place in the East. Currently, they have met that challenge.

We've chatted numerous times. I said that Kevin Glenn would have to show me good decision making and consistancy. So far he has shown that. I also said the Bombers needed to upgrade a couple of players. So far the O-line has gotten better, the Defensive line has gotten better.

Looking forward to Friday night. I hope the game lives up to the hype!

...exactlty...... :thup: :rockin: