So Close Now

The Bombers are so close to becoming a complete team in all three phases. These last two wins over the Riders and TiCats have shown the improvement in the defence and special teams which are now catching up to the offence. At long last, Berry is so close to achieving the balance he has been after in all three phases of the team. The last 3rd of the season is going to be fun, with some big showdowns against the leagues other top teams, bring em on baby !!!!!

Sure would have been a boost if AJ had been able to keep that TD...
Troy has to go.

...Great game against the Cats....i still have a little concern about special teams...Berry looked a little miffed on Westwoods shank ....and the downfield tackling seems to fall apart at up good returns.....other than that ...hey the Bombers are looking very solid...
Glenn popped his knee and at first, looked serious...i said to myself uh-oh...but according to reports after the game he''l be fine and starting next game....Dinwiddie filled in fairly well i thought ...he looked alot better at the controls than i ever remember...nice surprize...He'll really prove something to me if he can start and come up with a solid performance...right now i hope Glenn is healthy and can start next game...he's having such a great year...goBigBlue

The offence is the best in the league, and the Defence is climbing. Our Dline is dominating games lately. We have to be the most feared team in the league right now (with a healthy Glenn ofcourse!)

Lions have the most points scored and fewest points allowed in the league. You guys are playing great football but still have a ways to go before you can call yourselves great.

......maybe we will be considered great when you watch us perform against you guys in a couple weeks......should be a good one.... :wink:

Leave RLR. Please. You make the same points over and over again. No one is talking about your precious Lions.

I think RLR has a case to bring up BC, any talk about the best in the league does deserve to mention BC. But, as we have already beaten the Lions this year, and if we do again on the 5th, I think even RLR will have to admit that the Bombers are the better team!

i think we now have the best D in the league along with the best offence... our special teams is probably middle of the pack now to...

with the aquisition of bolden and bean getting healthy, our secondary in my opinion is now third best in the league... cant wait till malbrough is healthy!

our defensive line is now climbing the charts just like i said they would in another post. with our secondary now pretty healthy they have time to get to the QB, and our defensive line all together is crushing opponents. canada is second in the league with ten sacks, im sure walls will climb the charts in the second half of the season as well like he alwayse does. doug brown and haywood have 9 sacks combined with another seven games to play yet. not bad for interior lineman! best in the league IMO

linebackers, with hall at weak side, seems to be much more consistent the jenkins and should also climb the ladder, ike is probably top 3 at his position, covers damn good and is also great at stuffing his gap and creating pressure. may be even the best sam linebacker in the league... and simpson, well hes simpson. amazing run stopper, mediocer in pass coverage but a great leader and second in the league in tackles, also good at recovering fumbles and suprising the QB with a pick here and there.... can also pressure as good as anybody! best linebackers in the league IMO

and our offence, well everyone knows they're the best... no one can stop them. best QB in the land, 3 of the top five recievers in the leagfue, wilson and franklin are damn good canadians and i can see them being 1000 yarders in the future. best offensive line and arguably best runningback.

i personally hope calgarys still on fire when we play them at home, because it will be a darn good football game, also cant wait to play BC and a healthy buck pierce

RLR talk when your all mighty lions beat the bombers then you have the right but how i look at it i see the bombers are 1-0 against the lions

We have absolutely owned the Bombers the last number of years. You beat us by 1 point with our third-string QB starting his first ever CFL game. Hardly a cause to celebrate too much as we all know.

1990 was a long time ago. I like the Bombers, respect their team and their fans. But don't talk like Champions just yet because you have beaten the defending Grey Cup Champs by 1 point (not to mention a half-healthy line-up).

The Lions are still the team to beat this year.

...i think the TI-Cats were the team to beat this year......and EVERYONE has done that :? .....sorry BigDave

Yeah, but the operative words are beat/beaten, sure we only won by 1 point, but that's 1 point that the Lions failed to get and hence we walked away with the win.

No matter how you try to justify losing even by only 1 point, it's still a loss.


RLR, past years mean nothing this year. This year we are 1-0 against BC. When we last won the Grey Cup also means nothing this year. We are not talking like champions (yet :wink: ), we are talking like fans of the top ranked team in the league right now. I agree that BC is the team to beat, everyone wants to beat the defending champions. But I think right now Winnipeg would scare an opposition team more than BC.

Whine Whine Whine ooooh the Lions had iiiiinjuries that's why we loost. Cry me a ****ing river man, all teams have injuries.

We won, you lost. We're in first place, you're not. Suck it up little leo.

actually they are in first place as well now

I like the Bombers, but after reading some of these posts I'm starting to second-guess this. Never thought I'd see the day where Bomber fans were claiming their team is better than the Lions. You guys are very good THIS SEASON, the best in the East no doubt. But you haven't won anything yet or within the last 17 years. Don't act like you have.

Maybe I should capitalize stuff so you can understand it RLR. Previous years are not relevant at all to the 2007 season.

Does a coach walk into the dressing room and tell his players "Well the Lions won the Grey Cup in 1994 and Lui Passaglia was amazing, I don't think we can beat them team"

Of course not.

What else would you expect in the Bomber forum, unbiased opinions ? Not likely, but there isn't much to choose between the present version of both clubs and with DD out, wouldn't you give the edge to the Bombers right now ?

lol even with DD in we could still beat them... no matter how godly and indestructable RLR thinks his team is, fact is they wipe there arse with toilet paper to, just like the rest of us.

and whats with continuously bringing up the past? seriously even the most boneheaded human could figure out that that doesnt matter in 2007 at all... and last time i checked, bombers have more cups then the lions. if your going to bring up the nineties you might as well bring up the 80's, which we dominated my friend.