So Charlie are we having fun yet?

Same old crap. O Line pathetic - D Line no pressure
Williams running for his life. Lumsden - injury prone
what more can I say!

Lights out!

one word about our only win "FLUKE"

we stink... this team will fold because people won't continue to pay to watch us getting it handed to us every week

Obie if you are still looking for talent 5 games in to the season - you need to get your head out of yout butt? Between you and the other coaching staff - you could not arrange a two car parade.

It looks like Cavka is having fun..."duhh a football...duhh...I did a good job right? Duhh did we win? Mmmm...I smell sausage."

these guys could screw up a free lunch

That receiving corps needs an upgrade, especially with Miles out. You need a possession receiver who can make the tough catch on second down.

I'd settle for a receiver who runs a pattern deep enough to get a first down, and a QB that'll throw that pass, and a coach that'll call that play.

and you call your selves fans...give up your seats and stop coming on


Yeah, and I'm thinkin' that if the lines can establish some decent consistent play, then eerything else should fall into place.

When that might happen is anyone's guess.

Well, I guess I'll be the lone voice and say "Good Game".

They didn't give up at half time, not to mentioned this could have been a blow-out by half time.

Offence and Defense both struggled but they did hang in there long enough. This was a winnable game but we came up on the short end of the stick.
I'd rather be 1-5 with close games then complete blow-outs.

And Play Williams next week!

Looked like it to me.

First play, 81 yard TD, then another 3 points right after that.

The game was over when Montreal got their next TD at the beginning of the 4th.

Richie and company padded their stats at that point with Montreal giving up the short stuff underneath as they allowed the clock to run out on us. They were in complete control in the second half.

I want Pritners back.

That was the highlight of the game for me. That was so funny. I bet he's never going to shut up about it and he's going to tell his kids about it some day.

I don't know about anyone else, but I thought Charlie looked like we had no shot at winning that game. Totally resigned and defeated before we were even out of it. He looked like he was going to cry when Lumsden went down.

Like I said before, like his decisions as coach or not you have to admire his ability to not get involved in them.
he is funny at times. after halftime he doesnt even know if Lumsden is coming back or not and what the injury is. Just have fun. there will be growing pains. Sleeping on the sidelines. Today he said in the spec that this team has to play almost perfect football to have a chance to win… a direct shot at obie for the lack of talent and charlie isnt taking enough of the blame himself.

When Jessie went down - The entire Tiger Cat Nation was about to cry. Fix the O and D Line and we may have a chance to be to competative. I point in time our O Line can not get the job done to block - and protect our QBs. A very frustrating team to watch.