So can we beat the Argos this week ? Let

It's going to be a tough game to win with Ricky Ray and a Marc Trestman run team . They have a newer running back in James Wilder who has had 2 outstanding games in a row now

Let's make as much noise as possible when the ARGOS have the ball bring your cow bells and noise makers and use your vocal chords and help lead this team to victory. Let's show Rod Black and the CFL how good the fans of the Ticats are and what a tough place it is to play .
It would be nice to get Fantuz back this week and maybe even Laurent but Ted might be wishful thinking . We need to get pressure on Ricky Ray ..we cannot give him time or he will pick us apart and throw for over 400 yards . We can't just rush 4 men as we have no real dangerous pass rusher in that group . we have to send simoni or dean once in a while and Courtney too.
Masoli needs to use hislegs a lot more.There have been many times when he was running towards the line of scrimmage and chose to passwhen he could have runclose to 10 yards.
We need Green to have another big game .
If Fantuz can play ..I'd like to see Whitlock And Coleman playing the tackles .Theysay Whitlock is hard to block because he is shorter and he seems to find the holes to get to the qb.

We also should try a reverse or two with banks or saunders and continue to use the option play with Green along with draw plays and screens .

We also should throw the ball deep toSaunders and Banks a few times each as they have speed to burn and we could get a pass interference call as well. Banksblew by the db against the Argos on labour day for a long td .

We need to key on Wilder this guy can break it for a td on any play

Sj Green is the receiver we need to double team at times with Courtney if we can .

Going to be a Fan Tuz Tic game at the Hammer. Hopefully some of the injured ( inclusive of aforementioned) will be back.
Letz make noise.

Of course we can beat the Argos! Why not? Can't let the Ballard Cup slip through our fingers can we?

What exactly is the Ballard Cup?

I've heard it said that if your team wins the Ballard Cup, you can go to any Tim Horton's in Canada, show your season's ticket card, and for $2.00, they will give you a coffee. Give them $3.00 and they throw in a cookie! :smiley:

Plus the bragging rights, of course.

If we do win, I believe that will make the Argos 0-10 or 0-11 at Tim Hortons’ Field (keeping in mind they also lost twice as the “Home team”)

Can anyone else check my math?

Without too much complication - a simple approach to beating the ARGOS is: T.O.P.
Those not familiar with that term - it is Time Of Possession.

If we keep our Offense ON the field, & their Offense OFF - we should take it.
Simpler said than done, but doable. We can keep them honest, with a combo of passing, and running. Just keep getting 1st downs; run the full count to the clock;
time management.
I remember a game, where Tom Clements took 7 minutes going end-to-end for a TD,
passing, rushing, etc. That is 1/2 of a quarter.
Keep RAY off the field, & we win.

The Eagle 8) 8) 8)


If the Cats win, the blew team will then be 0-7, at THF, in games that count. Their only victory in our new stadium was the June 16th pre-season game this year. To date, they've lost 3 Labour Day games and the '15 Eastern Semi-final to the Cats and also lost in '15 hosting Calgary and Montreal in "home games" they played in The Hammer.

If the TiCats have FT and FP, they'll likely win. (Fewer Turnovers & Fewer Penalties than the opposition)

Ti-Cats by 9 - three Castillo field goals, or maybe a TD, two point convert and a rouge? Bring on the game day predictor, I'm moving on up.

Ticats will win if Fantuz and Alex Green start .

They will win by 4 points like 37 -33

If Gable and /or Fantuz doesn't start starts they will lose by like 41 - 26 ..without Green and Fantuz , this will give the ball to Ray more often to score points....

I noticed something interesting on the TOR depth chart for this game. McLeod Bethel-Thompson, one of the 7 QBs the Argos have on their various roster lists, is listed as the #1 back-up to Ray, ahead of Fijardo and Mathews. I don't think this big guy (6'4" / 230) has played, or maybe even has not dressed, since the pre-season.

He dressed for the last game and got in late, with Argos up 14. Threw one pass and completed it.

Thanks pw13. Trestman must have seen something he really liked. Bethel-Thompson was the #4 QB on their depth chart for that game against MTL. This week up 2 slots to #2. Maybe it's that 100% completion rate of his? :-\

If there's one thing that has become obvious this year, it's that depth charts often bear no resemblance to how teams actually line up. B-T was second-string last week, regardless of how he appeared on the chart, based on the fact he got the second-most reps in practice (and completed every pass he threw there, apparently).

We have not see a lot from the back ups other than Matthews and Fijardo when Ray was out.
Both were frankly brutal, so by a matter of eliminations BT has moved up.
We definitely need to think of a new young QB for next year as Ray is not getting younger and slowing down each and every year.
I keep saying Franklin as a FA will be sought after, maybe with high stakes bidding involving the Als you guys and the Argos?

ArgoT, I see a blockbuster deal perhaps transpiring soon between the Ticats and the Lions involving Collaros, even though Toronto (aging Ray), Montreal (aging Durant), and Saskatchewan (aging Glenn) all could use Collaros.

The Cats will not deal with Toronto because we are in a battle with the Argos for a playoff spot, and could eventually play Toronto in the East final. Hamilton will not deal with Montreal because we have two critical games vs Montreal at the end of this season that could determine our playoff fate. The Ticats will not deal with the Riders because Hamilton may end up playing the Riders in the East semi (crossover). In each of those situations, Collaros could come back to haunt us.

Jennings in BC is not the QB Buono thought he was, and if Wally wants to continue vacationing in Hawaii in the off-season, he must shore up his starting QB spot. Collaros to the Lions makes sense. But who knows, maybe the cagey vet Wally will then flip Collaros to your Argos.

I don't see Franklin as being an impact starter in this league anytime soon.

I thought the Argos post their depth charts in alphabetical order, or by order of jersey numbers, rather than who is actually going to play?