so called TiCats fans make me sick!!!!

All you so called TI CAT fans make me sick. "I want my money back!" "Not renewing my season tickets". Well I have have been a true suporter of the Ti Cats since 1959. and yes there have been BAD seasons and even worse owners, but I will always see the better side. I will always bleed black and yellow and never give up on the team. Yes it is hard to watch this team right now but better to have a team than none at all. Bob Young is trying, if you can't see that then go support our NHL team!!!! Gee Hamilton would be a better City without pro footaball as well as hockey? Get a life and quite crying and support this team, we can at least show the team and league that WE are better than all the rest!!! IMO

I understand your feelings, and I agree that we are lucky to have a team and shouldn't take it for granted.

But it's very difficult to sit in the stands, game after game and not have anything to cheer about, with the exception of maybe Fleming's punts.

But, nevertheless, I will continue to support this team.

me too!

I think everyone is just mad because there are no threads entitled:

Fire Boreham
Fire Marshall
Fire Yeast


This is a game folks!
It is tough to watch but it will turn for the better. Stop the silly threats and be patient. :cowboy:

The true ticat fan will always support the team,but we also shouldn't have to endour this embarrasment of a team either..Hamiltonians are hard working people,and we want our team to be hard working players..they are NOT!the way we are losing is embarrasing..and its frustrating... we have a rite to vent!

the right to vent is one thing but to post that yo are not renewing tickets is another. Vent if you have to but giving up on the team is not true Ti Cat support!!!IMO

Or Fire McManus.

I am sorry is this Football
It look like Lop sided NBA Score..

You say we should Support the team
I agree we should..
What I Don't agree with is Watching Bad Football.
Keep it close..under 14..
That last 3 games at home all Blow Outs..

Entertain me and I'll stay ..
This was not entertainment it was Touchier

I'll Still Support the Club By Buying a Flex. next year

You are right,conduitman.

So the football game didn't work for Saturday's entertainnment

but we all still have today left this weekend
to find something else to create entertainment
for ourselves and our family.

It is better to be proactive and find a way
to get it out of our minds for now.

After 15 years of seeing bad and good teams here in hamilton,one year wont stop me from coming but it will make me think a couple times about buying anything at their store if they continue to put an terrible team on the feild!

You're way out of line, bud!

To suggest that people spend their hard earned monies on less than mediocre entertainment is blasphemous. Go ahead, bleed black and gold. That's your choice. But most of us don't care to be saps for commercial enterprises.

You're way out of line , bud!

I'd agree with drop kick on this one.
While I get tired of seeing and hearing the "I've been a fan for .... and I'm die hard....
It's simple. We are all fans of the team and the game. More importantly the costs associated with being a 1 game ticket hold or a seasons ticket holder is 2 fold. To support your team and to have an entertaining night out.........the last 2 years have not been entertaining....In many peoples books, so let them vent......and please stop stating how you you've "been a fan", no one cares about you. They care about the team progress, and right now........there is none.


couldn't have said it better myself!

Straight up :thup:

Oddly, I partially agree with you both.

IMO do whatever you want - go to games, stop going to games, come here and tell us about it either way - but stop telling other people what to do. Don’t ask me to join your boycott, and don’t question my character because I’m not happy watching crap.




I love the Ti-Cats but when I've left the last 3 games early, then there is something wrong. :x

Well, no matter what, the cats will eventually get better again. Unless of course, enough "fans" jump ship and the ticats end up going down for the count. In which case, the league is probably down and there will never again be pro Canadian ball in Canada. Toronto gets their precious NFL team a number of yrs down the road and that dam Godfrey and co. win. They probably sitting back there laughing at you all right now, teamleague and ticat fans.

If you jump ship now and expect to climb back on board after those faithful who see the team through this time of hardship to better times, then you do not deserve to revel in the teams success.

Just because the rest of us are not looking at this debacle through ROSE COLOURED glasses doesn't mean we are not real fans.

Anyone who can't see this is a mess and call for a change, is not a real fan, because they will put up with anything on the field.

If we as customers got this kind of service in any other kind of business, would we be returning time after time. I don't think so!!

You should wake up...and DEMAND more!