So-called sport fishing

I believe that catch and release fishing is barbaric and should be outlawed. What makes anyone think it is alright to hurt some creature for fun.

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It's a conservation matter, FYB.

while the rules vary from lake to lake within a province, and from province to province, in many cases you are required to catch and release.

It is done to preserve the spawning stock. So you are allowed to keep, and eat, relatively smaller fish of a given species, but you are required to release any (let's say walleye) that is over 46cm.

That rule is imposed because a walleye over 46cm, that's your prime breeding stock. So being required to release the prime breeders is a conservation measure, ensuring the health and well being of the walleye population. Keeping a walleye that size that you caught (aside from not being as good eating when compared to a smaller one, imho) means you are preventing that walleye from breeding, thus reducing the walleye stock in that lake.

yeah, I guess I am saying if you are only doing catch and release, dont fish at all.

I understand fishing for food .
I understand if while fishing for food you catch fish you have to release.

If not fishing for anybody's food, then why do it?

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FYB I grew up same way in Indiana and have the same view on hunting.

Hunting was for food man!

We ate what we caught lest it was small, and they get thrown back to grow and because any fisher knows it's good fishing karma too.

It was only when I moved to the East Coast in the US as a young adult that I ever heard of this concept of sport fishing or the blood sport that is trophy hunting.

I will say what I said the last two times you complained about fishing. How many years ago ?

Fishing is fun. You pit your skill against an animal in it's own environment. Where hunting is a final sport, fishing is repetitive due to catch and release and tiring out a fish is the only way to kill or hurt it IN THE WATER. That is why there revival techniques that work.
All the fish I catch are predator fish which means they eat smaller fish and the smaller fish have developed defensive protection called 'very sharp fins'. That is why the predator fish have very few nerves in their mouths. In other words, they don't really feel the hook. Dragging them needlessly through the water is the what hurts them. If you know how to fish and catch and release, it is harmless......Over the years I have caught several fish I had caught before, so it works.

interesting explanation

are you sure I only complained two times before :slight_smile:

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Well I am not sure about all the site history there and this is a fine debate between two of our veteran commenters, but FYB I don't think you broke anything this time. :grinning:

I think i signed on here in 2005 and FYB was probably before me. In that time the I've seen the thread topics roll over about every three years. FYB hates fishing and race cars and.... c'mon FYB, help me out. What are your other regular threads you bring up in slow times ?
I'm not knocking you , FYB. I'm letting you know I noticed. You should be flattered. :laughing:
If fishing was really hurting the fish, I would not fish. Fishing brings billions to the economy and most fishermen are very environment conscious. The fact that there are many more fresh water fish to catch means the system works.
I like your repeat threads...You are the king of thread starting ! Cheers, man.
Cheers to you too, Paolo.

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did you ever actually a fish if it was enjoying getting hooked and yanked out of the water? Bet it didnt say yes :slight_smile:

No , I never did ! And none of the buggers never thanked me for letting them go either.

Do you like chicken ? Most people do....Did you ever ask the chicken on your plate if it enjoyed being decapitated and de-feathered and roasted ? Bon appetit !

Look, I don't enjoy pulling wings off of flies and that's not what fishing is about. There are so many more worst cruelties on other animals than fishing. Why did you pick fishing to attack ? It is a sport that is strictly governed and studied and is a money making success. Catch and release works ! Also fish don't have the highest IQs either. They are not high on the evolution ladder and that's why there are billions of them.

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re chicken. I said above that I was just fine with killing for food.

I am "picking" on catch and release fishing because of the article I ran across.

hmmm, so, low IQ equals ok to torture. yikes. Just teasing :slight_smile:

FYB when you are sipping soda as you post these recurring threads in slow time, which I agree are entertaining too, what are your favourite flavours?

Do you post when sitting in an armchair too, and does it have cupholders?

In other news I an getting a free leather sofa tomorrow.

I dont sip, I chugalug, and often while posting.

I am sitting in an office chair. no cupholders.

was your sofa born free?

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I knew you would take that tact. There is no torture. It's akin to chasing a deer till it tires and then taking it's picture. i told you the hook does not hurt the fish if set properly and out of the hundreds of fish that i have caught and seen caught very few have even bled. Look at a bass. One of it's fav foods is crayfish. What would happen if you tried to swallow a crayfish. The claws and sharp points would rip your mouth apart and hurt because we have many nerves a receptors there. I don't think a bass can even taste a crayfish let alone feel the claws in it's mouth.

I even bend down the barbs on my hooks to make freeing the fish easier. I guess when a nurse gives you a needle and it hurts, that is torture ?

I'll bet you have no trouble swatting a fly or killing a mosquito. These are almost brainless animals and there are billions and billions of them. There are repellents and insecticides to kill them en masse.

Good topic FYB. I can talk fishing all day.

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Yep. /Sips Drink :grin:

...taking my grandson up to Elbow Lake later this afternoon. Sorry FYB....

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I'm headed north soon to do some sport fishing without a licence. I'll release any fish that can be consummed in less than 3 bites. With my luck I'll be releasing everything. No qualms.

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On the other hand I hope you catch some fine dinner too!

Well, my friend got some help from a neighbour and so we hauled the free sofa down a flight of stairs, then across the neighbourhood, then up a flight into my condo. It was bulkier than heavy and we got it done. It was free but like fish for dinner, it was not without some solid work and keeping one's wits.

yeah, I know this is a popular thing to do and I am not judging anybody. Just not my cup of tea. Hope you have a good time with your grandson. Precious moment and good memories

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