So, basically we are at the 1/3rd mark of the season.

I would power rank the teams at this time in the following order


I will agree with most of this.

I will dispute a couple of areas

OTT over CGY - No ( OTT win over CGY does not put them over )

SAS over WPG- No (WPG looked good at home over BC. )

Ottawa beat Montreal twice but Hamilton couldn't beat Montreal.
Ottawa beat Calgary but Hamilton couldn't beat Calgary.
Since they haven't played each other yet, you would have to put Ottawa ahead of Hamilton as Number ONE in the East.
Get over last year, it doesn't count.

A 1 game victory over a team does not get them over ( Mon - Ham.)

A team that has not played a team yet does not indicate they can not be analyzed. ( Ott- Ham )

BTW, you can put a huge * beside that Mtl over Ham game. Banks had a TD return brought back because of an penalty on a block. If it had counted Ham would have won that game.

He had one called back again today. Man I wish those Cats would learn not to do that.

Don't know if I already said this somewhere else, but I would love to put Ottawa at number 1. Would love to see them win the cup and Burris get GMVP, one last kick at the can before he inevitably rides off into the sunset. However, they have not beat anyone convincingly while losing big to Edmonton. Also Ed and Ham both have way better plus/minus.

as for Cal, I put them lower because of their injuries. Also, they too have not beat anyone convincingly and lost by a fair amount to montreal.

I rank them by who I would expect to beat who today.

That's my story and I am sticking to least until a week from now :slight_smile:

What's your reasoning for having Toronto so low?

They've had the toughest schedule and their # 1 QB hasn't played a game.

How is a 0-7 team ahead of anyone?

because that 0-7 team should have atleast the same number of wins as Winipeg and Smith looks a hell of alot better than Brohm.

have you seen their injury list, to star starters and star backups. Two of their wins have been against sask, and not by very many points.

Kudos to them for managing to win 4 in spite of their circumstances, but I would still bet on the teams I put above them.

Ottawa and Hamilton each have 4 wins and two losses.

Ottawa's combined margin of victory in its four wins is 21 points. Hamilton's is 82 points.

Ottawa's combined margin of defeat in its two losses is 40 points. Hamilton's is 4 points.

That's your answer.

Also, are you forgetting the pre-season?

that's it in a nutshell, mostly

And? They all still had at Least one game with their #1 QB, which is one more than Toronto has had.

The same Saskatchewan that you are arguing are better than their record and are better than Winnipeg?

Toronto didn't play a true home game until Week 7. Week 7, let that sink in. They have 2 home games in August and 1 in September and will get kicked out of the Rogers Centre in October if the Blue Jays make the playoffs.

Your list is flawed.

So a 3rd of the way through the season here is my projection for the final standings at the end of this season.....


Ham......12-6.......current record-4-2....finish-8-4
Tor.......11-7.......current record-4-2....finish-7-5
Ott.......10-8.......current record-4-2....finish-6-6
Mtl........7-11......current record-2-4....finish-5-7


Edm......12-6.......current record-4-2....finish-8-4
Calg......11-7.......current record-4-2....finish-7-5
B.C........9-9........current record-3-3....finish-6-6
Wnp.......7-11......current record-3-4....finish-4-7
Sask.......2-16......current record-0-7....finish-2-9

No crossover this season,play-offs = 3 East/3 West
Semi-Finals:East-Tor over Ott
Semi-Finals:West-BC over Calg
West Final:BC over Edm
East Final:Ham over Tor
Hamilton over BC

Seems reasonable to me bobo, Montreal could be higher as I'm not sure about Ottawa, Burris with his age might start showing some fatigue in the latter course of the season.

It'll all get sorted out this weekend (though being at home, I expect Calgary to win).

So how does any of that make Toronto better?

Because they have 4 wins in spite of the fact that their # 1 QB has not dressed at all this season. 3 of those wins were on the road where they had the longest road trip to start a season in CFL history.

That was an advantage. Argos have a better road record than home record over the last 3 seasons and Pinball is on record as saying Argo home crowds are better post LD so starting on the road and having to give one of their home games to Fort Mac is far from a disadvantage for this team. They got handed an unintentional gift by bthe schedulers this season.

^ BS. It's never an advantage to be out on the road and sleeping in hotels for your first 5 games / 6 weeks of the season.

not saying the argos have not overachieved so far. Just don't think they can keep it up unless they start getting some of their injured key personnel back at 100%