So....Argos/BBs game not worth a thread?....'s the 4th quarter and no thread's been started?....lame fans, lame...

to be honest, it probably wasn't worth a thread..

Short answer…


That game was brutal, but still no thread? hmmm

Well the Argos have like 3 forum fans and Bomber fans are turtleing at ourbombers, where they usually stay untill they go on a winning streak.

"So....Argos/BBs game not worth a thread?...."

The Bombers had 12 two-and-outs in the first three quarters. What do you think? :lol: I had the game on in the background, and I was planning on watching the fourth quarter until I saw the stats. I decided to instead head to Wendy's and pick up some dinner for the real game tonight. I got the Big Bacon Classic (with no cheese or Mayo) with some fries and chicken strips. Good eatin'! :smiley:

…o.k., let’s change the thread to ‘what are you eating tonight?’…

…BBQ’d chicken, campfire potates and steamed veggies…vodka and fruit juice…

I'm embarrassed to be a Bomber fan right now. That was truly bad. The offensive play calling was bad and the overall play was terrible. LeFors just doesn't have the tools to be a starting quarterback. The O-line wasn't good and the receivers stopped running their routes. It seemed like they just flat out gave up and hung Randall/Williams out to dry to an extent.

The defense was good tonight. I'm proud to be wearing Barrin Simpson's jersey tonight. Great play by the defense and special teams I thought for Winnipeg.

Give Toronto lots of credit today though, they played well. Jamal Robertson was a beast on the ground and was almost impossible to stop. Their defensive front four played real good and they didn't quit.

3000 calories before going to bed....You gonna be one big mofo by the time your 21 LOL! You really should have watched the game with a protein shake :cowboy:

Chief of Carbon Footprint :lol:

Campfire potatoes, eh? Sounds good! :smiley:

Hmm. I turn 24 in a couple months... :?

Ooops. The whole time you've been posting I figured you were 12. :oops: now children...

Did the Bombers set some kind of record for most two-and-outs in a single game? If not, why not? Honest to God, that offense made me want to put a gun in my mouth.

Oh boy, the Bombers are bad and imploding on offence. What are they going to do?

seems the Tabbies have passed the torch... the new CFL welcome mat now reside 2 provinces to the left!!!

..I don't think you meant Saskatchewan...maybe, but just checking...

...I am also scratching a pretty good hole into my cranium how the stamps lost to this hapless blue and gold team...I mean I saw it but I still can't believe it...

No I didn't... let me rephrase that .. ONE province (beer has a really strange effect on a seemingly sane person's thought process)

And to mirror your second thought.. how we lost to that blue and white team, not just lost.. but got THUMPED!, I understand 1/2...

and last night was Roy Halladay's.

Remembering how inept our Rider teams were in the 1980's, my heart goes out to all Bomber fans. Gotta wonder if Kelley will tone down his "in your face" attitude with the fans and media, or will he become more overbearing? Who thinks Lyle Bauer is shaking in his shoes, especially since he "hand picked" Kelley, passing over Greg Marshall and Richie Hall? If things don't improve, both Kelley and Bauer could be shown the door.