so are we still going to be 3rd in the power rankings?

We should obviously be number 1 and we should have been number 1 for sometime now. Also why is blm the best quaterback? He has thrown for a average 64% completion and he has faced the tough teams of ottawa, toronto, bc, edm, and us which they lost! There is no way blm or calgary should be top in the rankings. I think the cfl writers might be smoking a bit of crack!

top qb this year Id give it to vernon adams or dane, or fajardo.

if calgary does make it to the grey cup this year I hope we slap them with a dose of reality!

go ticats you are better than calgary believe it!

Does it really matter?

We are first place overall - best in the league. According to the “Nissan rankings? - we are not.

Hmmmmm… I would take the best record in the league any day. The coaches and fans know we can improve upon areas. Win the GC and we are truly #1.

Cats may end up being cursed if we are ranked consistently #1 on the power ranking list!! :stuck_out_tongue: