So after this loss

Which veteran gets released?

My guess is Stala. It only makes sense that a guy who came back 5 weeks after knee surgery and did not lead the team to a Win gets released.... :wink:

Burris. All his experience makes him 'out of touch' with the rookies, right? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Scott Mitchell. Been with the team for nine years, record shows it's time to go.

That one...

Mitchell brought in the highly touted and celebrated Kent Austin, and previously Cortez to tweak the team into a contender and to get past the .500 stagnation of the Marcel Bellefeuille era. Both Cortez and Austin have had free reign to do as they wish. Cortez chose to not address the defensive problems and Austin has completely blown up the team. Most of the pathetic roster decisions are on Cortez and Austin. You would think that these highly experienced football minds would be much more capable at assessing talent and building a winning football team. Yet the Cats only have 7 wins in their last 23 games.

That's hardly Mitchell's fault.

Um.. What? With new coaches come new players, and year to rebuild and adjust to the systems. You know what is Mitchell's fault? Firing a coach who got us one win away from the Grey Cup, the farthest this team has gone in over a decade. THAT is on Mitchell.

If Mitchell had brought in a nobody to run the Cats in place of Bellefeuille then I could understand the criticism. But he hired Cortez and later Austin to take the Cats to the next level. There were hundreds of posts on here calling for Bellefeuille's head. But I didn't hear to many fans complaining that Austin was hired. But now that it's not working out, let's blame Mitchell or even Bob Young.

I understand the frustration. Heck, I was muttering and cursing through a good part of the game last night. However, I'm not ready to throw Austin and his crew out with the bathwater. He hasn't had half a season yet and the defense played a much improved game last night, particularly as Steinauer the juggler had to move personnel about to keep up with his starters going down. Issac, Murray and Bussey, among others, were noteable in their performance. Let's keep in mind that they played a team that is now 5-0. An organization not going through the growth and change that Hamilton is.

The injuries have mounted on him and Kent sounded clearly annoyed with the problems they've brought. On the Fifth Quarter interview, all Ted had to do was mention the word and you could hear the sizzling emanating from the head coach's tone. He talked about the issue as considerably limiting the offensive playbook. And now Hage goes down, again. According to CHML, they didn't know if he's gone for the year. I believe they called it in the upper body area.

I think sitting Gable has helped his focus, he was a better runner with the limited reps he got. We do need a successful and persistent running game.

I think what is missing from this team, among other things, is some good fortune. They are experiencing some horrible luck, and at times, seemed to be cursed.

Get more of those off the IR and this team will be clearly better.

Just one man's opinion.

So, after this loss, what stands out to me is how few comments are being offered up. When the fans get frustrated they sound off. When they get repeatedly frustrated there comes a point when the sound off tails off. I think we're there. And now, it may well be time for a change of tune -- Don't be happy! Worry!!

After reviewing the injury list and what's available in the personnel pantry (sorry, haven't had breakfast yet), I would be having a LONG, LONG talk with the trainer.

I would then, get an outside source to review the medical and training situation and process. There needs to be some explanation or assessment as to why there are so many players unavailable.

Yes, I understand it's a contact sport.

Bottom line : you will see them do nothing this week no new players , no releases , same crap :x :thdn: regroup and try again for a BIG W

And after releasing and then signing new players AGAIN, do you honestly expect a better result?

Between the officials, the same commercials over and over again and the crappy game, what a frigging night. :x

touchdown: How is he supposed to "lead the team to a win" when he only got the ball a couple of times?

In reply to the thread question.....
I just watched the game this morning (missed it last night) after first reading some of the comments posted after the game.
The loss was disappointing again ..however....I think we need to keep things in perspective and look at this team as a work in progress. The injuries we have had would cause any team to stumble.....and after last night's game we are in an even worse situation. Saskatchewan is a mature team, well coached, and stacked with talented players. Unfortunately many of them came from us. :frowning:
Despite the lop-sided talent situation I was impressed by our hustle on both sides of the ball. These guys want to play. Stupid penalties hurt us along with an inability to convert third downs but they never gave up.
We can pick apart plays and players all we want right now but the fact is this will not be a season where we will shine. I see it as a "pre-season" season where Kent Austin will be continually mixing and matching new players.
For the fans it will mean another season of frustration but in return Kent Austin will have to leave us with a great deal of hope when this year is finally over. He will have to come up with the beginnings of a young, aggressive team with lots of potential . To me, there are encouraging signs that it will happen. The acquisition of Isaac will make a huge difference to the defence. Courtenay Stephen will also be a good 'un but more help is needed in the secondary. How about that great defensive pass play by Davis at the end of the third quarter? The defence is coming along but sloppy tackling and pass coverage gaffes in crucial situations are killing us.
On offence we have been making some very good plays but the running game needs a whole lot more work.
I think we are on the right track. But if we are still mixing and matching at the end of the season with no clear progress, then I'd say we could be in for a disastrous start to the first season in the new stadium. A situation this team just cannot
afford to be in again.
The stakes are high for Austin but I think he has the know-how to pull it off.
So for me, that's what I will be looking for as this season progresses. This being the CFL though, anything could happen and that includes me eating my words by November.

I agree, Mr. :thup:

We've seen the results when management keeps hiring and firing. Right now, what is needed more than anything else is faith and patience. Qualities, I can appreciate, the Tiger cat fanbase are extremely short of.

I must agree with the last two posts from Mr. 62 and Old Fan. I feel that its important to keep the players we now have and build this team around them. Of course, in the off season, there will be the usual scouting and new personnel to look at,
but Austin needs to keep the team he has (generally) and build on it.

More importantly, for the moment, he needs the injuries to stop and for those who are injured to get back to game shape.
A couple of Ticat coaches in the past have had extensive training programs that were put in place to curtail injuries. Kent
Austin may want to try this while encouraging injury prone players to work in a program during the off season that will
strengthen joints and avoid pulled hamstrings, etc.

It was sad to see Marwan Hage sidelined again last night. Is it time for this guy to retire? When went out, and his replacement entered the game, we were left with no spare linemen on D or O. I've never seen the situation this bad in the past.

I'm not expecting much from this team this year, but I'm looking for a genuine contender next year. My interest this year
is to watch the team develop to this stage and accept the odd win as a bonus.

If ya like the odd win,Rocky,then this is the team for you,talk about odd about rare win....since the 5 yr plan took effect 10 yrs ago.....this team is a stellar 57 wins 109 loses 1 tie.Last 18 games...record....4 wins...14 losses...tis the only team in the last 10 yrs not to have at least one 10 win season....on other hand 10+ losses...6 seasons and counting,so yes winning is indeed an oddity for us Cats fans.... :oops: :cry: If anything else this team is consistent...they never fail to dissapoint year in and year out!!!! :roll: :wink:

Yes it is. He is the top man in the organization, next to the owner. As you stated, he oversaw the 4 Head Coaches and 3 GMs since 2007 (the current GM also being the HC). He can delegate responibility to them for their respective areas (“free reign” as you say), but he cannot delegate accountability. In most organizations , if there is not success, then the CEO/president takes the fall.