So, about Christmas gifts

What did you give this year?

Gift cards and booze. I’m not proud of that, but everyone seemed happy with it.
Especially the non-gift card people.

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I gave my mother in law a hug.

My wife does all the shopping :slight_smile:

I gave my son and his fiance something to think about

BTW - I just learned something

fiancé refers to a man who is engaged to be married, and fiancée refers to a woman

I did not know that.

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Your Christmas loot thread Your Christmas loot thread

The wife and I gave people things off their lists.

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Money - I didn't even go through the motions of gift cards - My wife returns everything I give her so I just said F*** it - stuffed cash into an envelope and called it good - same with the kids - The older I get the less people seem to complain about cash as a gift - Note I am terrible at picking gifts for others to start with - so this is something I should have done 20 years ago.


i love how you dorks talk about what you gave but not what you got lol :joy: you’d think christmas was about giving or something *snort.

i gave my teenage daughter quite a bit, including new vans skateboarding shoes, books, cosmetics, clothes, candy, money and another bus pass. i gave my adult son and his girlfriend gift cards and a cool heavy duty brass grinder for their weed. i knit my bestie/parent partner and her current partner (who is also a close friend) some wool socks and also gave them grand mariner and tequila. i knit my mother a scarf. i also knit various other items and sent them off to some friends and family. and i gave everyone homemade shortbread cookies.

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I didn’t know that either. But it makes sense, it being a French word


fiancé or fiancée is a nice fancy word for future ball and chain


"I was MARRIED for TWO ******* YEARS! Hell would be like Club Med!“ — Sam Kinison


well, my 40 yr old ball and chain is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Best gift I ever got.


Sam kiison was a great comedian, he appeared on married with children as a wife hating shrew.
If anyone ever gets the opportunity to watch one of his acts, buckle up. He's funny if you are open to his style, I seen his (televised) special, fantastic


what do you get for a person who has nothing