So a CIS champ (or NCAA champ for the SB) couldn't win?

the GC? Look at the LPGA today Canadian Women's Open.

Nothing more need be said. Amateurs can beat the pros, it's right there in the pudding today on Canadian soil at that. Including football I say, not only golf.

Maybe it's time for the CFL to allow amateur teams to compete for Lord Grey's trophy? :? :? :? :?

But let's face it, the CFL would be chicken s... just like the LPGA I'm sure, not going to happen? Right, it just did today boys and girls.

umm totally different type of sport.

there's NO WAY a CIS team could possibly defeat a CFL team, that's laughable!!

it'll never happen.

I realize it's the weekend, but how much did you have to drink before coming up with that post?

If a 14 year old female gymnast could beat a 25 year old female gymnast, does that mean a peewee football team of 14 year old boys would be able to beat a football team of 25 year old men?

Just a reminder for you - - football is a contact sport. Size, strength and speed are pretty important factors. Not to mention it's also a team sport, not an individual contest. How many players off the average Vanier Cup winner will step into the CFL and have an immediate impact in their first year...three?...four?....maybe ten? What about the other 30+ roster spots? You've got a bunch of kids who will never have enough skill and ability to play professional football going up against men who are proven CFL veterans.

That's about as out of touch with reality as it gets.

I gotta say that this is pretty unrealistic. Comparing an individual sport like golf to a team sport like football is kind of ridiculous. Not only are golfers not competing against each other -- I don't golf, but I've heard golf people say that they compete against the course, not one another -- but there is no physicality in golf. There is a HUGE difference between an 19-year-old kid and a 26-year-old man. There is no way that the Vanier Cup or BCS champion could compete on a physical level with any professional football team.

Ok, I'll confess, I had had a few pops at the time when I wrote that yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue: Agree, two different animals. That being said, I don't think it's out of the range of possibility that it could happen, very long shot odds though no question.

At any rate, congrats to that 15 year old for beating the pros.

Take the div one Texas high school champs and play them against a cis team, that would be a closer game .

Football is a religion in a way in Texas that's for sure.

It's possible.

It's also possible that everyone reading this thread could be simultaneously killed by vending machines.

I don't live my life with much fear of either outcome. :wink:

A high school team in Allen Texas , just built a new stadium for 60 million, with all the bells and whistles.

This is surprising! 60 million for a high school team??!!

No comment

If football is religion in Texas then somebody please tell me why it looked as if 150 people showed up for IFAF Junior World Cup in Austin (which the Canadians won 23-17 over the U.S.).

Don’t junior hockey championships in Canada draw 100 times that many people?

Maybe only pro football with Texas teams is religion there.

What did the first couple of junior hockey tournaments attract? This was the second under-19 football tourny, so huge attendance can't be expected. We don't know how it was marketed or promoted, so perhaps people just didn't know about it. How many people knew about it up here until Canada won the darn thing? Likely not many.

Also, it's not just pro teams. I won't comment on high school football in Texas because my only knowledge on that comes from Friday Night Lights and that was a TV show, but the University of Texas Longhorns attract over 100,000 people for home games, and they are but one FBS football team in Texas. Texas Tech, Texas A&M, the University of Houston and Rice, to name a few, all attract big crowds. To say that a low turnout for an under-19 tournament that is in its infancy is a reason to question Texans' love of football is, to be honest, a bit silly.

They get 20 000 for high school football. The u 19 is un heard of , nobody of any stature plays in this tourny.

Probably for the same reason playoff hockey games in Canada draw huge numbers while the World Championship does not. High school games are local, it's your team. Who was playing in this tournament and who knew about it?

That said, $60 million for a high school stadium is absurd.

The point is, we will never be able to compete with the Americans , in depth,training, coaching. It's their number one sport. In Canada, football is way behind soccer and baseball for registration numbers. If a top 30 us college team played a cis team, it would be ugly. CIS is just not close to that level, of speed,strength and the American kids are at it 12 months a year. Just like Hockey in Canada.

I will say this about CIS football ... it's always entertaining. Last year I had the great luck to be in practically the best seat in the house at BC Place when Laval and McMaster went at it for the Vanier Cup. Maybe it was the atmosphere of the rebuilt stadium, or the enthusiasm of a wild young crowd bolstered with older folks like me making a full Grey Cup weekend of it, or just the championship tilt itself but ...that may have been the best football game I've ever seen, anytime, anywhere. Great show CIS ... nicely handled by TSN too!