So 6 games to go , predict our final record

"ZIPPO-Zilch-Zero... SET... Hut! HUT! HUT!"

(would be the audible when the OC runs out of ideas)

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You mean like yours did against Hamilton?


Poor Buck... if he was an expendible actor in a bad Sci-Fi movie last week he'd have played the doomed scientist who was studying the 'extinct' volcano while it was unexpectedly blowing its top under his feet. :grin:

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I’d watch that! “Bad Luck Buck Blows His Top”

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Talking about Buck , here are my all time fav Buck Pierce plays of all time . Now talk about blowing up.....Buck got blowed up real good...."KA-BOOM !!! " :firecracker: :sparkler: :metal:

Just call this Bucks greatest hits parts 1 and 2 ...


Last week’s game was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think Evans would be back this year.

I don’t care what their record is for the rest of the season. Keep playing 60 minutes and I’m a happy guy.


#28 got him both times.
And my man crush for the Ticats is out this week but also #28

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Was hoping Zach would be the beneficiaries of one of those hits against Cats D; but proved to be too elusive...
The Peg is 12-2; so this game, that meant so much for the Cats faithful, is meaningless for Bombers...other than a bit embarrassing.
If the Cats don't win tomorrow, last week's win becomes just another game for us as well.

Try telling that sentiment to O'Shea, his players and management.

I don't think they will share your nonchalance.

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Which was also exactly how many times we had beaten a western team this season, until we did!


Totally agree . O'Shea has never been one to do anything but try to win . It's simply not in his DNA to take his foot off of the pedal and also to think that any game is meaningless . Keep in mind that is only his and his teams 5th loss since winning the Cup in 2019 .

The Bombers record in regular season the last two years now sits at a 23 - 5 mark . You don't achieve such success by taking games off and deeming them meaningless .


Well might as while update this seeing as we totally shat the bed (once again)
in Montreal on Friday night . As stupid as this sounds I still think we somehow fall ass backwards into that 3rd play-off spot in the East and deny the crossover to the Sliders .

Remaining games for Hamilton / Montreal / Saskatchewan / Ottawa...with predicted results .

Ham (4-10) ...Sask (w) / @Calg (l) / Ott (w) / @ Ott (l)
Mtl ( 6 - 7 )....@ Edm (l) / Ott (w) / @ Ott (w) / Tor (w) / @ Tor (l)
Sas (6 -8 )....@ Wnp (l) / Ham (l) / Calg (l) / @ Calg (l)
Ott ( 3 -10)...@ BC ( l ) / @ Mtl (l) / Mtl (l) / @ Ham (l) / Ham (w)

So the final resulting play-off picture will be...







Montreal over Hamilton


Calgary over BC


Montreal over Toronto


Winnipeg over Calgary

Grey Cup

Winnipeg over Montreal


If We sweep Ottawa
My 7-11 is still alive! :rofl:



Can't see that happening . In order to do that we would have to somehow win two games in a row and we all know that this is something that this team has proven to be totally incapable of this season . Sad but true fact , the best winning streak we have had all season is one game . Like I said it will be totally undeserved but we will somehow stumble and bumble and fall ass backwards into the playoffs this year .

I've posted a somewhat different outcome, having Winnipeg / Toronto Grey Cup game although I didn't predict the GC winner.....I like your's better.

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I mentioned elsewhere (can't remember where exactly ) that I would prefer a Montreal /Winnipeg Cup for the simple fact that as unbelievable as it sounds in a league of only nine teams that these two have never met before in the championship game . Also there is the little fact that I effing despise the Anchors and am sick of their every 5 or 6 year thing of pulling a Grey Cup out of their asses totally out of nowhere .

The Alouettes haven't been there in a while and to be totally honest I lose a lot of interest when the effing Anchors are in the big game . Finally did I mention that I effing HATE the Anchors or not ?!? :anchor: = :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :rofl:


What bothers me about the Argos is they rarely develop their own key talent. It's usually just poaching other teams' stars and even coaches.

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I'm back from the future Bobo and I gotta say, that was a really close game. Montreal led from the start and was about to put us away when someone in the stands finally decked the air-horn dude (who made the journey all the way from Quebec) and our Bombers awoke from their trance. Three unanswered TD's later an ecstatic Winnipeg Team was hoisting their third Championship trophy in a row. MOP, MVP, BYOB, Zack Collaros thanked the Saskatchewan fan who was taken away in handcuffs for the victory adding, "My f-ing brain finally cleared once that f-ing airhorn f-ing stopped. F-k that was annoying."