So 6 games to go , predict our final record

Unless they can reschedule games to be played only at home.
This team has been horrific on the road.

Also only if they can somehow reschedule our last 6 games to only include the first two quarters and the final score is at the half .


Well, I'm going go on a limb and say... yikes, that's a long way down! :disguised_face:

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If Shiltz gets the start with no other changes to the Cats' offense you guys get to win two more games and miss the playoffs.

If by some miracle the offensive line in front of Shiltz gets an infusion of competent talent and gels in time to be effective... I predict that you win four more games and at least one playoff game.

Do you have crystal balls by any chance?

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No... just old saggy ones. :grin:

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I know what you mean. Gravity (and the Cats) suck... and blow leads!

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Frankly, 2023 training camp started at the end of the game Monday afternoon. Forget about any playoff nonsense. The rest of this year should be used as a 6 game talent evaluation program...Unfortunately, from what I've seen, our front office has a serious problem with evaluating talent...


IF CoachO continues to insert Morton when things get rocky, don't expect another
win period.

Last year we were 15 & 3.
This year we will be 3 & 15.

You can take this to the bank.


Is that you Coach O?

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I took it to the bank and they told me I missed a 8-6 season somewhere...


A certain symmetry to that.

It feels like we're not winning a game the rest of the way. I'm close on 3-15, but Ottawa games are 2 months away, maybe we get a bit healthy by then and get one of those.

I'll go with 4-14 and zero chance at the post season.

Winning v. Sask grey cup.

Maybe some personnel changes off season. I signed up for the 3 year season ticket deal, as of right now, I'm seriously considering not renewing for the first time in 15 years.

It's funny, almost Freudian, that you used "Winning" instead of "Winnipeg". In reality, I guess they are synonymous! :sunglasses:

I am convinced the team will field a much improved product next year with some aggressive changes.
Quite the opposite of their patch and play solution that they tried this off season and has worked in the past.

Sometimes you need to bottom out to truly commit to a new approach.
Well the team has surely bottomed out.


Even with the 8-6 season sandwiched in between how sad is it a statement on this team and organization to go from 15-3 to anywhere from 3-15 to 5-13 at best in only two seasons ?

It's sad really , I honestly thought that we had left those horrid 1-17 , 3-15 , 4-14 and 5-13 seasons of 2003-2008 in our rearview mirror never to be seen again...and then this season pops up and it's like a horrible acid flashback all over again .

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Oh no, I didn't notice and I'd never do such a thing for that team. I'll say it was a gesture for Maaax :smile:

I do think they'll make as push for next year's GC. What they do this offseason will determine what I do.

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Does anybody remember J C Watts and the terrible Ottawa Rough Riders ? They got to the Grey Cup . Keep the faith until you can't .

the old guy( Pat Stoqua really?)