So 6 games to go , predict our final record

So here we sit with a miserable 3 - 9 record 2/3rds of the way thru this season . We have only 6 more games to go , so the question is simply how many (if any ) of these games can we possibly win and what is our final record on the season ?

Remaining games left on schedule...


Possible final records
9 - 9
8 - 10
7 - 11
6 - 12
5 - 13
4 - 14
3 - 15

So I'll get the ball rolling here and predict we wind up at 5 - 13 on the season .

We lose to Winnipeg , Montreal , Calgary and away to Ottawa .
We squeak out a win at home vs Saskatchewan and also win at home vs Ottawa.

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3 - 15. Reasons: the other teams are jockeying for playoff positions and are much hungrier than the Cats .TheCats have too many key players on 6 game injury list. NFL cuts might help fill in these gaps, but too much learning curve.


I'll go with 5 and 13. Lose to Winnipeg and Sask.

A few weeks ago I thought we could get as many as 7 wins. But with Shiltz and Evans down it’s going to be tough putting together decent games. I’ll say they rise up and beat one of Winnipeg/ Sask at home. And split with Ottawa. Can’t see them winning in Calgary, Cats never win there and this doesn’t feel like the year they break the streak. Montreal game could go either way but considering it’s on the road I’d say the Als take it again. So 5-13 for me as well. Best case 6-12.


I was going to make this thread into a poll but honestly can't figure out how it's actually done . If anybody can explain how to create a poll on these forums it would be appreciated .

I hope we beat Sask, so Ottawa can get in the playoffs , my thoughts are with Dane, how many games will he play before being injured again, 4-14?…..Tied with our trading partners EE

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I'm sticking with my predictions of beginning of the year of similar to 2017.
I've been proven wrong on my 0-8 start prediction.we were a little better.
I may be proven wrong on my 6-12 reality may be worse.

Let's face it most knowledgeable fans predicted a crappy year; others were just putting a positive spin on a bad situation.
Only reason we were relevent as long as we were is the terrible, horrible weak east division.

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Interesting . So you're saying 6 - 12 . So 3 - 3 down the stretch . So I'm just wondering who do you think our 3 wins will come against ?

Some of our injured players should be should beat Sask and sweep Ottawa.
We'll start winning as there will be no pressure to win.

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have know reason to think we will win another game other then shit house luck and the D and special teams have the game of the year. If we have to depend on the O I have no faith. I will go 4-14

Dane is hurt - if not injured.
Schiltz is injured for another 3-5 weeks, if you believe the press reports.
Morton is a waste of a roster space.
Newman played OK for his first start. I was expecting the RPO offence Condell used with Watford last season, but I guess the powers-that-be thought our standard offence would work. Of course, the "RPO" stands for "Run/Pass Option" - and we don't have a running game...

Because of all this, I can see them MAYBE eking out a pair of wins. That's it.

Dane is often hurt (CFL) , I do not see us beating Ottawa,hope they get in….

At this stage, I think 6-12 would be somewhat of a moral victory considering where we're at. But, I think they'll be hard pressed to get there. Taking into account injuries and their play so far there's really no reason for optimism. Sad but true. Hopefully there are some wholesale changes in the offseason. We need to enter rebuilding phase.

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Best case scenario 5-13 but honestly I don’t see them getting another win this year.

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That's my prediction, too.
None of the games will be only 40 minutes long.
Back-to-back games against the same team, more often than not, are split.
So, Cats win a close one, at home, against Ottawa.

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Before last years Grey Cup Dane had never missed time to an injury,
HS, University or pros.

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It's interesting to note that so far no one has predicted more than 6 wins at best for this season . I honestly think that our low end threshold to possibly sneak into the play-offs is with a 7 - 11 record and even that is a longshot at best . So it would appear by the looks of things judging by the posts in this thread that it doesn't look like there is anybody thinking that this team will somehow rebound for a post season berth this year .