Oh no, there's snow!!

Just came in the door and turned on the tube to watch the game, and its snowing in Calgary....I know, it does this at this time of year...

Groan!!! :cry:

I like it!

But you live in a city where the mayor calls in the Army when you get 5cm's of snow! :wink:

PS: is Mel Baby still kicking???

Still promoting his company, Bad Boy.

But thats about it.

the censor should block out the word snow

Agreed!!All in favour!! guys are all complainers......I love snow!!

Once Deer season starts in November it can snow all it wants. Then, on Boxing Day, it can all melt. Does this help? :expressionless:

It only helps if I get some deer sausage.....

My buddy just smoked 10lbs of pepperettes from last season for me. I can ship you some! Low salt, very lean... You're in Prince Albert, much in the way of deer out there? Sorry for being species ignorant, but am not certain of what is around there...

I tried smoking pepperettes once.
Could not keep them lite

Mule and Whitetail.....plenty....Dad gets his limit most years, and sometimes Mom does as well.....never a shortage of pepperoni, sausage, and jerky in our family.....

Because of that damned plane of yours!

Sorry, shouldn't say that about the plane. Its a great plane to have!

Calgary 6 Winterpeg 0 - in the snow....

Watching bits of the game at the side here, some of those young americans look like they don't know whether to crap or freeze...for some, I'm sure the snow is a first time experience... Of course, being professionals, they'd never admit that.... :roll:

Seems Calgary is going to take the title of worst weather for gamedays, following last years champ Winnipeg.

Ok, Glenn stinks. He's a backup at best. Stegall makes him look good. I can't remember the last time he made a completion to someone other than Roberts or Stegall.

I love watching football in this kind of weather (cold, snowing) ... I don't know what it is, and sure it's slightly less comfortable, but there's just something about it ... as if it's proper Canadian football weather. It just feels right :slight_smile:

Snow in Calgary and I was wearing shorts in Montreal.

haha yeah i know, it was like +22 out here in nova scotia, i was sweating like crazy during football practice from the heat (plus the work..) usually we dont end up getting ne snow until november.

We get some freak weather systems here in Alberta, can happen anytime of the year, seen it snow in August, of course it doesn't stay(I was at a Stamps game at that time). This year we had above freezing temps for most of January (which is not usual, though you can't use the word usual to describe the weather here). The only thing consistant about the weather here in Alberta is that it is constantly changing.

Don't complain guys, Snow is where its at... And im not where it snows :frowning: Stupid Vancouver Island :frowning:
grrrr!!! shakes fist at the rain clouds

I miss my -40 in Regina :cry: