Sneak peak of New Era CFL Caps





Nothing for the other teams yet.

If those are for real.. they are hideous..... just plain ugly IMO

they're fine!

assuming that round thing is just their sticker and not a permanent piece of the hat.

I like it myself.

Oops... title should have "peek", not "peak".


I guess they would be fine if you are 15 years old and like to turn them sideways on your head.
Other than that though, I'm not sure who would wear that style.

like am all except the Al's 1

it looks as though the argos have decided to stick with their current logo.
happy about that, if that is indeed the case.

I don't think we're out of the woods yet. Methinks that logo redesign is being done for the 2012 season leading up to the 100th cup. thanks...

I don't know what you guys don't like.... I'm okay with them.

I don't mind the Toronto and Sask hats. The Winnipeg one is awful. :?

Here’s one of the submissions from the Ti-Cat forum for the new Argos logo.

Anyways, I like the Hats, but I really hope they come in XL. I swear, having a big head and finding a cap that fits shouldn’t be as hard as it is. One size fits all my butt.

If one size fits all your butt, then surely it would fit your head too. :wink:

I got enough hats at it is! :o

Love that Argo ship on the way down! :wink:

Horrible, looks like a class did them.

I don't like these ones, but I'm sure new designs will come out.
I'm still excited to have new era do CFL stuff. They have some slick looking caps.

don't mind the Argos one. I am pretty sure I already have the Riders one...yep...yes I do.

The Esks can have an igloo, the Stamps a horse taking a crap. lol...j/k j/k settle down.

Hmm... never thought about it that way... Great point.

(I do hope they just leave as is, and just use the other logos as retro uniforms, or just wear them to change it up a bit).

I had to take a close look at the Bombers hat,I thought it had a huge lemon on the front of it. Good to see them marketing to the 20 and younger fans,and at least bringing something new to the table.
I honestly say they are ugly and remind me of the old hats my Dad wore.

Someones joking right????

Those are UGllllllllly