Although there isn't room for excuses in professional sports, consider the following:

  1. Quarter Back. After Danny Mac, we traded valuable assets for the best non-starting QB in the league. Unfortunately he shows up to camp with a wonky shoulder and separation anxiety.

1B. Quarter Back. The most anticipated free agent in recent years agrees to a contract with the Cats. Unfortunately, three years of holding a clip board on a NFL sideline built up considerable rust.

  1. Running Back. A local college kid, good looking, highly marketable, is drafted and emerges as a potential superstar. Unfortunately, he's injury prone and not able to make a consistent contribution.

  2. 2008 Draft. Our first pick breaks his leg in the pre-season and the second makes the practice squad of a NFL team. Hopefully he doesn't build up with rust too.

  3. Football Operations. Perhaps the best owner in the league makes a couple of hiring mistakes (Marshall, Desjardins). Forgivable, and will take a few years to correct.

  4. Fate. By no means do I attempt to make light of this and of course, there are more important things in life than football, but the two young players who died left vacancies on the roster. God bless them and their families. They left all of us much too soon.

Lump the above into a four year stretch and it's no wonder the TiCats have struggled. They will correct it, persevere, and make us all proud real soon. The next Grey Cup victory will be all the sweeter given the adversity we all have gone through lately.

Oskee Wee Wee

Well the only thing I disagree with is marshall as a wrong choice. The wrong choice was getting rid of him too early and not giving him a chance to grow into the position. he was coach of the year remember the year before he was canned after losing only four games.

I'll give you that. Perhaps he shouldn't have been hired in the first place or given more time to develop his skills. Regardless, the move held us back from a continuity standpoint and potential success.