snail race for west 3rd spot got MORE interesting!

what a snail-race for 3rd!!!!

if hamilton wins the rematch against toronto, they have 6 points......

and if edmonton beats calgary again, and winnipeg beats sask in that rematch, then theres a 3-way tie for 3rd in the west with 8 points each....

and hamilton plays calgary 2 more times..the first game is NEXT week after hamilton's rematch with toronto....

imagine this: hamilton has 6 points after beating toronto 2ice.... they play calgary ( who lost both to edmonton ) who has 8 points....hamilton wins, giving them 8 points.....sask loses the banjo bowl to winnipeg leaving them both with 8 points, and sask loses the next game against edmonton...

this would have Hamilton, Calgary, Sask. and winnipeg all tied with 8 points if hamilton wins both against toronto and beat calgary the next week, they have a good shot at the cross over. ( whoever gets the 3rd spot is just a snack for the eskies )

.....that said, if toronto wins the rematch this saturday....then its OVER for the '05 tiger-cats !!!

( i still expect calgary to take the 3rd spot )

Never count anyone out.O.K. mybe the riders.
Ti-cats played very good yesterday.
Stamps played good too.
Bombers will win the rematch.
This is what I see happening.
Ther will be no crossover this year.
Stamps will finish third in the west.This being said,Burris makes the right choice of going to Calgary.Then we will hear all rider fans saying"I wish we had Hank back!)This will happen.

No crossover this year. But still, it's funny (or shamefull) that teams with a 28% win percentage can still make the playoffs...

It's awesome cause that means...the Bombers can still make it. :smiley:

I'd like to see a CO, especially a East to West one, but it looks like that isn't going to happen this year.

Maybe next year.

Kanga, I really don't get your way of thinking.

  • You cheer for the Blue Bombers.
  • The Bombers have absolutely no chance of reaching the 2nd rank in the west.
  • And still, you would like to see the EAST cross over to the west, meaning not even the 3rd team in the West would make the playoffs.

Way to cheer for your team, buddy !

I think Kanga means West to East, he was just reaching for his guns a little to quick...

noone really knows what kanga ever means....not even himself, since he contradicts himself so often from post-to-post...hahaha

No, I mean a East to West, it would be a frist, but it isn't going to happen, not this year at least

3nd, Yeah, I'd love to see my bombers make the playoffs by making thrid place or better, or though a CO. Whatever! but that lose to the riders really hurt Winnipeg chances.

Kanga's strategy is ....confusion and illusion.....which is quite magical really....and that's what it's gonna take for the Bombers to make the playoffs this year....magic.....but hang in there Kanga you never know....this is the CFL... :shock: two have optimism that is boundless.......I admire that.....

any team can make it to the play offs still.

if the bombers win their next seven and the lions lose the rest of their games wpg could still get first. go blue!

and I still hate the crossover :lol:

Whaddya mean IF Hamilton Wins? I am predicting a blowout.. as half the Argos will be arrested for gang land activities before the game starts, They got Hill didnt they??
and Didnt Robert Baker claim he was gonna Cap someone??

Nudge Nudge :wink: :wink:

........there's unbridled optimism........then there's sheer lunacy.........

Don;t get me wrong, mate and everyone, I'd love to see the BBs make the PO!

Well after looking at the schedule remaining for the Stumpies, Ridas and Bombs, it does not look good for the Bombs. Mind you, if they win the two remaining games they have at home against the Ridas and Stumpies then they have a shot all be it a long one. If the Stumpies and Ridas go 2 - 6 to close out the season and Bombs go 4 - 3 then they would take 3rd in the west at 7 - 11, Stumpies and Ridas would be 6 - 12, like I said a long shot but not completely out of the question.

i hope the blue bombers get things fixed in a hurry, since they HOST grey cup next year...would be nice to see them in the BIG game '06

Ahh Winnipeg where men r men and polar bears are nervous.......Will be interesting to see how Edm, BC or these highly potent pass orientated offenses fair trying to throw the ball when its a frozen solid block of ice. But thats what makes it interesting...CFL would be pretty boring watching the Cup played in a Domed stadium year after year