SMS - Riders Discussion (Split from 3 Riders)

I can't wait to see the SMS numbers :slight_smile:

You probably won't see the numbers but if the rumours are true, expect the Riders to be fined $800,000 and forfeiture of their 1st and 2nd round draft picks.

Thankfully rumours are just that. I expect a fine of less than 100,000 and thats from Taman's own mouth. I sure do find it laughable that HfxTC is trying to find more excuses to hate on the Riders though.

If, as was reported during Grey Cup week, the Riders are $400,000 over the cap, they will be fined $800,000 and forfeit their 1st and 2nd round picks. Taman says under $100,000, Pederson says $400,000. Probably somewhere in the middle.

The fines are quite specific:

•Monetary Penalties:
•$1 for each dollar a Club exceeds SEC up to $100,000
•$2 for each dollar a Club exceeds SEC between $100,000 and $300,000
•$3 for each dollar a Club exceeds SEC over $300,000
•Non-Monetary Penalties:
•Forfeiture of next available first round draft pick for Clubs that exceed SEC over $100,000
•Forfeiture of next available first and second round draft picks for Clubs that exceed SEC over $300,000

The hits just keep on cumin !!

they should forfeit the Grey Cup for cheating !! Cats Win !! quick, bring all the merchandise back from Africa :smiley:

If this is true this looks very bad for the riders being over the cap by that much. :roll:

When or where did Pederson (I am assuming Rod) say 400,000? And I know the penalties, I just believe Taman when he says things, he is a straight shooter unlike some others that we both have had to endure.

I think everyone would agree that the fines to the Riders would not be an issue but the loss of the draft picks.
If they go over the max according to what is written above that would be the loss of a first and second round pick in 2014 draft and a first round pick in the 2015 draft.
Although high Canadian draft picks will always be missed looking at the roster the Riders may be prepared to lose these draft picks while using some of the top Junior talent in the Province to take the place of or be the equivalent of perhaps these forfeited picks.

Graig Newman Safety will be 25 next season spent time on the Riders PR while playing Junior in Sakatoon. 2012 and 2012 special teams stadout like many first or second round picks are. In 2013 he found himself on defense a lot more in different schemes most likely key role as a safety in cover 2 defenses. Is the same size as Butler and could turn out to be just as good.

Zack Evans DT
Following the same path in 2011 PR with the Riders and final season in the Juniors. He will be just 24 next season and has showed signs of being a starting DT in the CFL. He could have played all of those seasons in the CIS but insted spent most of it splitting time on the PR/9 game IR/or on the 46 in 2012 and 2013 practicing against the pros.
All signs pointed to him taking the role as the 3rd rotational DT with the Riders this season. That is until the signed Foley and Stienhuer came in and played like a second round pick.

Dan Clark OG Also will just be 24 next season signed with the Riders in 2009 and spent training camp before returning to the Juniors. 2010 Junior eligible PR player playing with the thunder. 2011 spent whole season on the PR. 2012 mostly on PR but did see the 46 a couple of games. 2013 entire season as a backup Olineman. he practiced with the pros at the same time many were playing CIS.

All three could be as good as if not better than several of the first and second round picks that they may have acquired or have been picked over the last couple of seasons around the league. this year or next and would be about the same age of some of the guys who are being drafted who spend those years in the 5-7 deal.

Currently a 21 year old Junior player from the Thunder spent the season on the PR as a receiver, Mitch Thompson. Who knows how good he can or will be but he will be just 22 next year and the riders are looking to groom a Canadian Receiver.

Not to mention the last two first round picks Heenen RT and Watman C will probably both be starting next season. Clarke who was a key player as an lining up at TE as an extra lineman. When a Olineman takes a spot like that on a roster usually means that the coaching staff think of him as having the ability to start if needed.

The Riders may have gone over the cap but they did look as though they have planned ahead using the Junior pipeline to take the place of those draft picks.

100k or 400k. Its cheating. The riders signed every single high profile free agents available this year. It make the GC look likes it is fixed. After all the assets moved to Toronto last year. Its not hard to understand what is going on here. SMS needs to go. Or penalties must be increased substantially.

:roll: :roll: :roll:

I completely agree with you. It is cheating if true. This is very bad for the league. You can bet reporters will have a field day if this is true.

Yes, the Riders purchased a GC ! Congrats :thup:

It is not the first time a pro team has gone over the cap to try or win a Championship and it won't be the last. There are always penalties for going over the cap and likel other teams if true the Riders will pay them.
In the big picture they went over by a measley 300k at most. For me it means that the SMS is very outdated at this point with the Riders easily being able to afford it. Other teams may not be so lucky to be so successful financially at this point but all signs are pointing to different times for the CFL.
It is what it is and by rule the penalty is not forfeiting the Grey Cup.
I am not a Rider fan in particular but a CFL fan in general and I have no problem with it.
Now if it cost the Riders to go out of busisness and have the CFL bail them out then I would have a problem

It does matter, there are rules in place for a reason !! so teams don't have a clear advantage !! 400 k in the CFL is huge with the Salary cap of each team approx, 4.2 mil. with the average salary around 60-70 k that's a huge advantage !!

2 big players = 400,000

How is it cheating? It is a soft cap. Not a hard one. Hfxtc especially sholuld know this how many times have I asked posters to state why going over the SOFT cap is cheating? And not once has anybody been able to give a good answer. The reason for that is a short one as there is no good reason.

As long as fines are paid it is not cheating. It isn't even a loophole lol. The Salary Management System is what its name implies: a tool to keep teams on check, which it does. I have said that from the start when this sms was created.

I honestly can't believe how many people can not get that through their heads. Really guys?

Where does the fine money go for going over the cap, who gets it?

The sms is a set of guidelines with penalties for going over it. The "rule" is that all teams pay these fines shud they go over the soft cap.

Argos :smiley:

As long as it goes to help bring revenue to a team who needs it, it is a good thing :wink:

Its a lot more than that. Its 8 players at 100k plus instead of 8 rookies at 60k.