SMS Killing the CFL

IMHO doug berry lost sight of what it took to get to be a H.C in the BIG league,s and his actions and comments ended it for him. Replay with Mike Kelly :roll:

Isn't the low end salary now something like 45,000?
Thing is you make the playoffs, you get a bonus.
You win the first round you get a bonus.
YOu win the second round, get a bonus.
You get to the Grey Cup, the winner got 22,000 each.
Loser I think 10,000.
So that 45,000 can get close to 80 or 90,000.
Not bad for being a bench player.
Next TV deal salaries will increase.
But the money they make now ain't too bad.

This is a topic that has been discussed widely elsewhere on this forum. The SMS is an absolute joke. The league sets an arbitrary figure and says "this is what we'll pay this year". When the idea of a salary cap or SMS was first bruited about in mid-decade, it was sold to the players and the public as a partnership between the league and the players, with the players to receive 56% of gross league revenues. If just gate receipts (29,000 average per game x nine home games @ average ticket price of $37, as per Stamps owner Ted Hellard) and TV revenue (1/9 of $15 million annualy, with each team and the league overall taking a share)is included, gross revenue/SMS would be:

          Gate receipts: 29,000 x 9x $37 =  9,657,000
          TV revenue: $15 million x 1/9   =  1,666,666
           Gross Revenue                        = 11,323,666
           56% for players                        =  6,341,253

These figures do not take into account league corporate sponsorships and licensing which were stated to be approximately $10 million annually in Tom Wright's last year as Commissioner, individual teams corporate sponsorships in which, the Calgary Herald stated in 2005, the league expected each team to sell at least $2.5 million worth of same, nor concession and parking revenue, which Sports Illustrated stated in 2006 amounts to approximately 25-40% of ticket revenue, nor luxury suite rentals.

Any way you look at it, the players are being taken.

OK so attendance is at or near all time highs, tv ratings have never been higher etc. etc. can you tell me how the SMS is hurting the league... if there is a dumb thread here its this one.

I am all for the players having a fair salary for their efforts. Right now I feel many of them are underpaid, it would be nice to increase the minimum salary as well as the salary of the average player. That being said, I like the fact that when I watch a CFL game, I see genuine athletes who play first for the love of the game and then happen to make a decent living at it. The salaries of players in other sports has become ridiculous and it can be a bit disappointing for the hardworking fan to see the multi-millionnaire marginal player taking it easy during the game. The SMS concept is just fine, though adjustment may be warranted. If adjustments are made, it should be to benefit most players rather than to the benefit of the starting QB of each team.

I am happy for the coaches who make good salaries. They are the ones who have to put the most effort, they work countless hours. Getting the better coaches available on the market improves the quality of the game.

If I recall though the SMS is tied into the league gross revenue.
So with the fortunes of the league increasing every year I believe there is a provision in the agreement which automatically kicks in a review annually and therefore an increase.
Strictly based on the visuals and without knowing the actual figures, the TV contract signed and with overall sponsorship up, there appears no reason why the cap should not be a minimum $5M.

In 2007 the CFL recieved 9.5 million in TV revenue and the cap was set at $4.05 million.
In 2008 the League recieved 15 million in TV revenue and the cap rose to $4.2 million.
So basicly the players got $1.2 million of 5.5 million.
That is no where near 50%.... It is much closer to 20%

Whats all this salary cap talk?
All you CFL players should be talking to Cohen.
NOt posting on a message board.
Because frankly, like NHL union talk, its boring.

lol, I have often wondered why players never or rarely post here, and this subject would be a great one to start debates amongst them.

Some teams have expressed rules about players not posting on here...Some do but keep their names out of it. Many lurk.

Like any other sports league, if players don't take care of business, the owners will eat their lunch. That's business.

On the other hand...

The players only have job security if their bosses are making money too.

IF the CFL is trying to screw the players that wouldn't be right.
The cap should be tied to revenues like the NHL does it.
But the average now is about 90,000. Which isn't bad.
Raise the cap to 5 million. Thats 20,000 more per player on average.
Then lower it or increase it based on revenues.
But if the minimum for a bench player goes to 70,000, thats pretty good starting money.
And don't kid yourself.
I'm sure the name players are getting paid extra outside of their contracts.

CIS head coaches make more money than CFL coaches and have way more security/pensions/benefits, etc. There are tons of great CIS coaches who could coach in the CFL but they're not stupid.

Prove it.
Give me one link where a CIS coach makes anywhere near what CFL coach makes...

You don't know what you are talking about. The top CIS coach makes 150 to 160k and that's a Towriss, Nill type coach. Top CFL coach makes around 500k. I know some CIS assistants that make 35k. where CFL assistants make 60 to 90k.

re-"Why is DJ Flick not playing in the CFL"...last i heard he tore up his knee, and his comments about one of his former teams probably ended his CFL career, clearly not a "Team" guy!!

People have to recognize that just because a coach or player is at a disadvantage monetarily because the league they are in does not reflect on that coaches or player,s actual ability, The sport of football is limited in amount of games played and revenue , IN Canada more so than in the U.S. where they recieve huge T.V dollars.

CFL head coaches salaries are normally in the $200,000 to $300,000 range. But recent signings of Trestman and Andrus have broken that tradition with contracts reportedly in the $375-$500k range. But they aren't your typical CFL coach signings. Trestman had a substantial NFL pedigree and you're just not going to attract a coach of his calibre for $250k...but Berry is another matter. :wink: Andrus was a successful longtime head coach in NFLE, an NFL assistant and HC in college. Trestman's extension probably puts him in the $600,000 range.

Buono gets paid more than an typical CFL coach, likely in the $400,000 range, because he does the GM duties also...and is the most successful coach in CFL history. Hufnagel also does double-duty and probably earns close to that figure.

CFL assistant coaches get paid much less. Coordinators about $90,000 to $120,000, with their contracts usually guaranteed. Experienced coaches might make $60,000-$80,000 and are not guaranteed, while newer coaches probably earn less.

Can you backup these figures?